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    Why all the Opinel rave?

    Very cheap and VERY high performance cutting! Best cutter out of all of my very expensive knives. It's just the most practical pocket knife. Try a #10, I like the stainless so it won't rust.
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    Anyone else tired of the excessive flipper craze?

    No lol, more unassisted bearing flippers without thumb openers please!
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    Zero Tolerance 0350SWCF

    You should trust nearly 100% of the pocket knife locks out there, almost every one will keep the blade firmly in the open position. You'll see, your lack of trust isn't justified. Frame locks aren't one bit stronger than liner locks any way. If you want a strong lock the best option around is...
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    Dude that Robeson does it for me! Sweet pocket knives. I'm collecting any and all types of vintage knives so let's see the vintage combat knives, hunters, chefs, razors, and so on!
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    In the past I've usually bought knives brand new from retail. Why, I'm no longer sure, because the knives I find most beautiful to look at have always been antiques. I am finally collecting the coolest vintage knives I can find, but they are rare! Literally 99% of the pictures on the web are of...
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    Damn. Another 'polished vs toothy' thread...

    Sebenzas are definitely not known for their edge holding, but toothy is dull. Polished is just sharper and better. A perfect mirror is the best.
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    Best PM2 Steel Choice?

    It's irrelevant, but CPMS110V is the ideal. If such a steel isn't your preference because of your opinions than CPMS30V will serve you almost equally well. Think of S110V as the top performance carbide cutter with all of the good qualities of S30V but taken to a higher level. Think of S30V as...
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    Bought my first Opinel (Pics P.3)

    stainless olive 6...$$$$$$$$$$$
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    Someone used my cleaver to scrape scum/mildew from my bathtub, is that disgusting?

    Agreed but forgive the guy already, tell him to treat your stuff like you would treat it, and move forward. Don't room with him again either lol.
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    EDC Blade with a $250 budget

    That's a big big budget, you have crazy options. I say get 2 or more knives. I recommend a blue bone case mini copperlock ~$50, an olive wood stainless opinel ~$20, a s110v spyderco PM2 ~$175, or if you're crazy a CKF gratch ~$350. Kizer gemini, reate, maybe ZT, something like that. Buy second hand.
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    Someone used my cleaver to scrape scum/mildew from my bathtub, is that disgusting?

    Yeah that's uncool, but he's right you know. Bleach it and it will be clean as can be, all things forgiven.
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    ZT 0560 or Reate Horizon B?

    The D is amazing, wish I could have gotten an A. Pick your poison, all Ti or half CF, you can't go wrong. The CF has that darker and iridescent look, the Ti has that colder metallic feel and more heft but they're both about equally light clipped to the pocket. Both better than the 562cf, which...
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    What draws you to carrying a knife?

    I think my pocket knife is cool.
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    Mirror Finish vs DLC Coating

    I like both high polish and hand rubbed appearance, they are beautiful in their own way. I slightly prefer high polish (mirror). It shows more scratches and fingerprints, neither of which bother me. If you want a pristine look opt for a polish which has been stonewashed, not my favorite...
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    Count them! Who owns the most folding knives on BladeForums?

    I've bought 13 knives, mostly in the 7-8 years, and about $1300 spent. Most of the money spent was in the last 2 years. Too many and too much for my liking but I won't sell any, I will probably give some away though. I will probably buy some more knives in my life but probably not many.
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    Do y'all still carry cheaper knives once you've bought higher quality ones?

    Yes, the price is completely irrelevant unless the knife is so expensive that I don't deserve it.