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  1. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    Numbers 4 and 12 are gone.
  2. Hooker

    Recommendation? Busse storage - heat treat question.

    I live in the AZ. desert also, and also had my get home bag stolen. Anyways, I wouldn't and don't worry about damaging any Bussekin Knife left in the truck. Like you said, not a good idea with Kydex, however if in a pack it should be fine. I ruined a Kydex holster by inadvertently leaving on the...
  3. Hooker

    Flak Jack - Rounding the Pommel

    If you have a belt sander and any experience in it's use, go for it! You would have to try pretty hard to screw it up. Just give it a quench after each pass, to keep it cool and you should be good. You will receive great satisfaction in the process of making it your own creation and save some...
  4. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    #10 Nuclear RMD is sold via surprise PayPal. ?o_O
  5. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    #9 RMD is sold via PM deal
  6. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    Trash 2 is sold! Thank You for pointing out my clerical SNAFU.
  7. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    Very good. Glad we could sort it out.
  8. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    #1, 2 & 8 SOLD Thank You Blade Forums.
  9. Hooker

    12 Hogs, Dogs and Rats - REDUCED!!

    Standard forum rules apply—First “I’ll take it”; USPS Money Order or PayPal G&S and insured priority shipping within USA are included in price. No sales outside US and no trades—thanks. PM or email me at [email protected] for additional pictures or questions. I'm struggling with relearning how to...
  10. Hooker

    Off Topic Bought One Glock today................

    Nice setups Dave. Have you functioned fired yet? Bummer that the 10 rounder won't work in the 43, I was planning on getting some for spare carry. Thanks for the intel and saving me some money.
  11. Hooker

    Off topic: any hogs do, or familiar with hot shot trucking?

    If you already have the right truck setup with some reliability mods. I'd say go for it. By mods. I mean good fuel filtration and any weaknesses your particular choice may have, ironed out. Be set up for a lot of trouble free miles without having a money pit. To go buy a new rig, it can be...
  12. Hooker

    OP2WP2 Shipping Info

    Nuclear option, Urgent Fury, shipping notice today. Will be here by the 28th for a late Christmas present to me
  13. Hooker

    OG AD

    Beautiful knife! I have a BAD with red/black G10, and it is a favorite of mine. I really should get a pocket sheath like that. So, what is a O.G.??
  14. Hooker

    KPB 98 Coming Wednesday August 22, 2018

    A unique challenge for the kydex benders! Looks cool, but I'm afraid it would just sit in the safe. The collectors among us, should love this bacon though.
  15. Hooker

    Spy Pic. . . Gone In 60 Seconds!!!!!!

    Thanks Petey, thems some sexy curves.
  16. Hooker

    Spy Pic. . . Gone In 60 Seconds!!!!!!

    Dangit man! I always seem to miss the bacon teasers. Please and thank you for a picture.