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    swissbianco textured g10 scales for 91mm sak

    Any plans to make these in red?
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    Northwoods Bear Lake

    According to the knives ship free instagram account they're going to give more details on Steve.
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    What was your first traditional knife? (Fixed and/or folder)

    Not sure if it would be considered a traditional but my first knife was one that I made with my grandfather out of an old file when I was about 12. We made the whole thing together all the way from annealing to making a sheath for it. I carried it whenever I went outdoors (hiking, camping...
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    Do you use a Pocket sheath/slip?

    I carry my traditional folder in a slip not so much to protect the knife but to protect my pocket. The back square that protrudes above the bolster is sharp enough to wear through the internal pocket fabric pretty quickly.
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    Northwoods Sawcut Barlow

    PM sent about Northwoods.