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    Off Topic Change passwords

    Are you sure that was not a phishing attempt on you?
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    Handsanding jig

    A question though - usual advice is to sand on a diagonal, alternating directions between grits. How do (or do you) accomplish this with this jig?
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    PID controller setup issue

    Im sorry - I have been unavailable for the last several days. If you got a slower approach to the setpoint at 1200, can you try what I suggested above, but have the setpoint at a higher temp (like your 1200, or even 1500F) (re. your last post .... PLEASE, I recommend you not yet try to fiddle...
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    PID controller setup issue

    Ugh .... I got screwed up by their documentation again. to turn off (or minimize) integral, the I value needs to be set to a BIG value. Set I = 9999 and try again....... (sorry - this is the second time I made that mistake - have corrected the above post to reflect the need to set to...
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    Is there anyone who can design a custom mosaic pin?

    actually, this is kind of cool to know this type of custom work can be had at all. following....
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    PID controller setup issue

    So - going back to this posting, where you had p=10, I=10, d=240, and refreshing my memory on the inkbird manual .... here is what I am thinking (some of which might be considered wild speculation. Like I said in the thread, I am really not impressed with the clarity of the inkbird manual...
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    PID controller setup issue

    The HV appears to be the model they make specifically for SSR compatible output.
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    PID controller setup issue

    Oh .... never mind. I just spotted where the HV is indicated...
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    PID controller setup issue

    I can find just the inkbird-106 manual .... but not one for an "hv" model. Is the basic 106 manual applicable? (want to see if I can make sense of how they are definging the tuning parameters...)
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    PID controller setup issue

    thx. getting better, spend yesterday sleeping or being useless. I managed to get **every* *single* *one* of the listed side effects (so did my son, who got the shot on the same day). Good thing the side effects are actually an indication of the shot actually revving up the immune...
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    PID controller setup issue

    give me a few minutes to respond before you trash the inkbird - sorry for the delay - I got hammered by the second Moderna shot.
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    PID controller setup issue

    you might have found it .... but in case not, here is the link...
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    PID controller setup issue

    With that drop to 1160 it sounds like the integral function might be biting you. Search for the thread titled “everything you wanted to know about PID”. It should give you some insight on the behavior you are seeing, and also how to adjust those settings (sorry, I’m on an iPad right now...
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    I need some wood...

    How black do you want? Wenge can be had as lumber ... likely you would be able to locate something 2” thick...
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    Chinese cleaver edge not straight. Help?

    Taking a slightly different approach - is there a compelling reason you wanted the edge flat? As scott said, they show every little imperfection ... also, they just do not work well to cut food (dynamics wise). I have, what ... four cleavers ( I’m loosely lumping one nakiri into the...
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    No Fool—-,

    Hah. And here I am thinking that I have spent the last year working to zero in on only two steels to use (one stainless and one non stainless). A fools errand it would appear. reminds me of snipe hunting.....
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    Heat Treat Oven Issue - Low Max Temp - Auber 2352P

    Ok, after looking at the manual - two things. first, you don’t say (I think) what your set point is ... is it much higher, like 2000? second, this is one of those “fuzzy logic” controllers, so it is Ill-defined what the proportional band is. The manual says “ larger p values give faster...
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    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    Dust collector??? you do not HAVE any dust in your shop. Never seen anyt. I doubt you even generate any when you are grinding or sanding.... :-)
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    An Interactive WIP - Resurrecting an Old Bread Knife

    Stacy ... it is not a matter of “good enough”. I am OK with 1/8 pins. Would corbys be a better look? Sure. But so would gold (ok, ok, too soft). But the point is, not everything needs to be over the top. On this knife, adding the bolster and nice wood is in the scope of what I had in mind...