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    Mods, Regrinds, Cerakote, and Sharpening

    my knives are still in the process of getting work done, but so far i am extremely impressed, not only by the craftsmanship, but also at Josh's patience with my requests and my nonstop blabbering about knives. he took his time to understand how i am using my tools and to give his professional...
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    Exo Runt Titanium Lighter Give Away

    i am in! i like bluer
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    SMF lock question. . .

    I got my first Chris Reeves small Seb not long ago, about a week and a half, and I keep having trouble unlocking it because the clip rests on the frame lock bar, and my middle finger rests on the clip whenever my thumb is pushing to unlock. Looking back onto my other knives, I realized theyre...
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    Shops in NYC?

    Its kinda funny, i live in NYC and I havent been to any shop I would buy knives from other than sporting goods stores... usually mail order for me. thanks for the links
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    Spyderco "made in Taiwan"

    The reality is, there is good and bad products from every country, not just Taiwan, or China, or US. There are junk that comes out of Taiwan as well, but if you believe in the company then they will probably not let you down on fit and finish. The next thing to look at is the materials used in...
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    Small Sebenza 21 **Sold**

    email with offer sent
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    William Henry EDC's, Spyderco, Benchmade, Boker, Case, PRICES DROPPED!

    Hello, I am interested in one of the William Henry EDC and the CRK Umnumzaan. Please contact me on email ysl041284 at Thanks
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    knife is still up for sale
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    ... i got misled from this forsale forum when i got it... price drop to $240 shipped.
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    2 more pictures. Kix, knife is open to you if you are still interested. pm or email me.
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    I am 99% sure this is the CF one. It does shimmer under the light. Please give hard evidence before commenting.
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    pictures here KIX, If i dont have a buyer in the US by friday, I will ship to UK
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    Kershaw Chubby, CAMO

    50 shipped snail mail
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    knife: 0300TAD, Dec06. S30V condition: lightly used - paper, lightly carried, 2 tiny nicks on pivot nut. no box pocket clip included but not on knife. rules: no trades, US only. shipped priority. price: $300 shipped, paypaled. price drop $240 shipped
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    The Hurt Locker ?

    i saw it on the 'net. not a bad movie, but nothing special. worth watching
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    Sold and shipped! thanks
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    all previous offers are now rejected. price adjust, $310, paypal pays 3.5% extra. USPS MO accepted.