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    Message from Pala

  2. E great friend and shining light...has walked West.

    My ddepest condolences to Barb. To a respected Elder, rest in peace. His pain is no more. Eric
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    Some Gifts for all our fine friends !!!.......

    AWESOME!!! Thanks A. Yangdu & Karda! :cool::):thumbup:
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    A great man will be missed... Ron Hood passes on.

    :( I thought Ron was getting better..... Sad news indeed :(:( Best wishes for Karen and Jesse Eric
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    rehandling a WWII

    Hi Warty, before deciding on the shape, i made cardboard mock ups first to make sure it felt comfy to hold. For me, it makes snap cuts a little easier on the wrist since i don't have to bend it as much before the blade hits the target. Boerboel84, I tried re heat treating a few non-HI and 1...
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    rehandling a WWII

    Gday 7rip13a, Boerboel84 and thanks :) The steps to replacing the handle is outlined in the picture below. It was for a PK, but practically the same method. Cheers Eric
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    rehandling a WWII

    Thanks guys. Glad you like the handle. Warty, the handle is hardwood. Most of the wood used to make new handles my khuks is of whatever scrap pieces I can get, so I’m not 100% sure what it is. From the color and texture, though, my guess would be Australian red ironbark. The shape had...
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    rehandling a WWII

    I've rehandled most of my khuks to suit my own grip. Did this 18"WW2 a while back (handle too wide and straight for my liking). Now it is my favorite 18" inch blade in the little collection. Have fun if you are going to rehandle yours :) Didn't take pictures for all the steps for it though...
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    CAK rehandle (dial up don't!)

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    Making a knife exactly like a drawing?

    Beautiful work!!:thumbup::thumbup: And I've never really liked kerambits until i saw this one.
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    :eek: Prayers for speedy recovery!
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    Bura and Murali

    :( Prayers and well wishes for Bura.
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    Happy Birthday Andy

    Happy belated Bday, Andy!! Lovin' the bushcrafter... Eric
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    Namaste from Bura and young Sher

    Great to see Bura smiling :D and good for young Sher to have him as a teacher :thumbup:
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    Good News

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    Favorite bushcraft blades

    My first semicustom :thumbup::D Haven't had time to really use it, but loving it so far.
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    The Practical Hunter has arrived. All Hail the Practical Hunter !!!

    That is one gorgeous blade!! Beautifully executed!
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    Ya, Andy, they look incredible with the single bevel!! I feel like that racoon right now reaching out for them... :D
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    2009 Bushcraft Production Run - Order List

    Hey Dan When you get a chance, can you alter my status and put Pd65 next to it? Sent you pm regarding the deposit payment some time ago with the transaction id. Cheers Eric
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    ****We Have A Winner!!!!****

    Congrats on winning that awesome looking kit :D Eric