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  1. kershawguy

    2018 Kershaw and ZT Models No Obligation Preorders

    I am currently taking names for 2018 Kershaw and ZT models. This is a no obligation preorder. You simply send me an email requesting to be on the list for the model you want and when I have one to ship to you, I will send you an email , at that time you either pay for it or decline, no money...
  2. kershawguy


    Thats right an Orange handled launch one sprint run 7100OR.
  3. kershawguy

    ZT Sprint Run 0562BLK CPM cv20 DLC coated, G10 & DLC coated handle. ZT 0562BLK All Black G10 Scale Black DLC Back and Blade **Sprint Run** ZT 0562BLK All Black G10 Scale Black DLC Back and Blade **Sprint Run** Price: $240.00...
  4. kershawguy

    ZT0301 New In Box Preorder

    I will have some ZT0301's new in Box in about a week, they are available to buy now at This is a new run of a ZT favorite.
  5. kershawguy

    Inventory Reduction Sale Kershaw Autos

    I have too many Autos in stock and many more on the way, time to thin the herd. Some are at or below cost and include shipping. Also one Zero Tolerance model 7200BLUSW Blue Launch 2 $65.00 shipped 15 Quantity (at this price)...
  6. kershawguy

    ZT 0055 CECCHINI Back in Stock

    ZT 0055 ZT0055 Back in stock and ready to ship, find it here: ZT0055
  7. kershawguy

    Kershaw Emerson 6030 and 6031 new for 2017 are in the house.

    I have the 2017 Kershaw / Emerson models in today. 6030 6031
  8. kershawguy

    Kershaw Natrix 7007 In Stock Ready to Ship, $39 Free Ship

    The New Kershaw Matrix, whoops I mean NATRIX is in hand and ready to ship, find it here.
  9. kershawguy

    Kershaw 1905 Inductions Available Now

    I still have 4 clam packs and boxed ones will be here tomorrow, they are ready to buy now. Find them here:
  10. kershawguy

    Inventory reduction on Kershaw Purple Launch 2 $69 shipped

    For a limited time get the launch 2 in purple 7200PURSW for $69 shipped. Find it here
  11. kershawguy

    ZT0450G10 Sinkovich Folder 3.25 inch S35VN Blade **NEW SPRINT RUN**

    Latest sprint run in stock and ready to ship at ZT0450G10 $144
  12. kershawguy

    New ZT0850 and ZT0460 Available for purchase at

    These are ready to purchase now and I will ship them tomorrow ( wed. 3/29) 0460 0850...
  13. kershawguy

    Kershaw and ZT Collection Clean-out Sale

    I am interested in the whisper Scott
  14. kershawguy

    NEW 2017 ZT 0801TI in stock , Ready to Ship @

    The new 0801TI Zero tolerance has landed and is in hand and ready to ship. ZT 0801TI
  15. kershawguy

    ZT 0452G10 Gold Anodized Sprint run In stock at

    Get it here
  16. kershawguy

    ZT 0095S90BLK SPRINT RUN s90v black dlc in stock ready to ship

    Here is another sprint run especially for those of you that love S90V blade steel, it is ZT0095S90Blk and it is in stock , ready to ship. ZT0095S90BLK
  17. kershawguy

    **2017** Zero Tolerance Knives Preorder signups available **No Advance Payments**

    I am taking names for a limited time for the new 2017 Zero Tolerance lineup send me an email [email protected] and tell me which ones you want, it's as easy as that. Then when I get a shipment I will email in order of when I received requests to let you know one is available for you. At that...
  18. kershawguy

    Kershaw s30v blurs on sale now 1670s30v $59.00 shipped @

    Thats right new in box Kershaw S30V blurs for $59 shipped to your door (MSRP $144) Great Christmas Gifts ! 1670S30V Blurs $59