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    First attempt at handmade wood scales

    B E A U T I F U L. And that's your first? Looks great. What make knife is that.? Thanks. Dude
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    Spear Point question

    Yep, that's it, exactly, thanks; what is the shape, anyone know? Or does it even have a name?
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    Spear Point question

    I know there must be a name, nomenclature, descriptive term, etc., for a spearpoint blade that gets slightly wider from the tang toward the tip (sort of like a cotton sampler, but not nearly as severe). I have tried searching under "balloon spearpoint", no luck. Also, any recommendations...
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    I like my Cat, will I love my Techno?

    OK, I have had the Techno a few days now. It arrived in new, perfect condition. As everyone has described it, it is a little tank. It took a couple of days to get used to the opening angle: you have to push out with the thumb, directly toward the 9 o'clock position. And I CAN choke up...
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    I like my Cat, will I love my Techno?

    OK, I ordered a Techno 2 yesterday (found a good buy on a "lightly used" one on the Bay. I will use it for a few days and post an opinion on my "choke up" question. Thanks for all the replies. DD
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    I like my Cat, will I love my Techno?

    Greg, thanks for the reply. I found your Cat with the ivory scales on another thread: Awesome. Looking at Techno 2 reviews/photos again on BF and Youtube, it looks like there is a little point beneath the pivot on the scale that could be filed or ground down slightly to provide...
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    I like my Cat, will I love my Techno?

    I have been researching the Spyderco Techno (both original and Techno 2), for my next EDC. The only knife I presently have of the approximate size is the Cat with 440C blade. The Cat is a surprisingly good little folder, sturdy, easy to carry discreetly, nice EDC and workshop knife. I...
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    The SAK Pioneer awl is useless.

    One awl use that I haven't seen mentioned is scraping dried glue out of mortises or dowel holes; I am frequently asked to repair furniture (mostly old chairs), which usually have to be disassembled. The holes which the dowels fit into must have the old dried glue scraped from them before gluing...
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    swissbianco textured g10 scales for 91mm sak

    Both the G10 and copper are nice upgrades to an already great knife. How do the add on scales (both G10 & copper) affect the width and weight of the original 91mm? Thanks.
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    Case Large Sodbuster Grind?

    Late response to a timely topic: I was sharpening a small Sodbuster Jr. yesterday (and admiring it), and noticed it was flat ground: yes, dead flat, no hint of a hollow grind. It is the Chestnut jigged scale 6137 CV. I had always assumed all SBJs had a slight hollow, as Francis described...
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    Knives I bought in Spain!

    Jeff, Thanks for letting us know about the Salamandra knives. I have an interest in the one in African Blackwood, 14C28N steel. Can you post the model number of that one please? Also, any U.S. distributors? Thanks.
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    Schatt & Morgan #43 half whittler pull strength?

    Any owners of a S & M #43 half whittler, how would you rate the pull strength of the main blade (the wharncliffe)? Nailbreaker, hard, medium, easy or what? I'm looking for a serious whittling/carving folder and the main wharncliffe, plus the unusual curved coping small blade looks...
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    Case Copperhead EZ49 difference from 6249?

    Thanks to JC57, "A picture is worth a thousand words" and that one is worth at least that many. When my knife arrives, I'll report if there are any differences, but looking at that photo, I assume just the REZ notch. Thanks, Dude
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    Case Copperhead EZ49 difference from 6249?

    Are there any differences between the Case 6249 and the EZ49 Copperheads besides the EZ having the easy open notch in the handle? Earlier today I bought a used Case EZ49 from the internet, expecting delivery next week. Then a little spark went off in my brain and I remembered that in my...
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    diy sharpness tester question

    Dang, after reading all the "my knife is so sharp that....", I sure wish I had asked my Grandpa his sharpening secret. My Grandma used to bake homemade bread in the oven. Using one of my Grandpa's freshly sharpened blades, she could slice fresh bread so thin, each slice only had one side to...
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    GEC 62 Maverick = I love this knife

    Late reply to a 4 yr old post: In reply to question, how thick are the blades of the #62 Maverick: Main (clip) on mine is .086, length 2 3/8" Wharncliffe (or "sheep/wharn") is .051, length 2 1/8" Pen .045", length 1 5/8" I'll add, this makes a really...