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    Weekend blems and huge savings for 7/21

    Congrats! That's a nice one. Yellow scabbard and all.
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    Ram Kumar Char and Pach Chirra for 6/23

    Nice! Never seen a HI with 5 fullers before.
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    Recent additions

    A new toy arrived today from Romania. A Dacian Falx made by Cristian Iamandi. Specs 37" 50.44 Ounce
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    And the content inside the stand i liked very much. That's why it's completely empty. :D
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    My 27 inch 30 ounce Wajaski Sword arrived yesterday. :thumbup:
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    A tiny whiff of smoke for my month old grandson please.

    Sending some smoke and prayers from the North.
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    Ram Lal Char Chirra Khukuri for 1/4

    Nice blade. Something new i guess. First time i see 4 fullers on a HI.
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    Congrats! I have one myself that i bought on the DD 12/1 Nice scabbard indeed.
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    Done Deal on The Wajaski :D
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    End of the Year Clearance sales for 12/30

    Ems 27 inch 30 ounce Wajaski Sword by Kumar. Horn handle. $115. *Done deal
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    Merry Christmas

    That's correct. julskinka literally means Christmas ham. jul= Christmas. skinka = ham
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all kukri addicted people on this forum. Some swedish julskinka
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    First Day of Christmas Deals

    My 20" Chainpure arrived today. It feels light and fast in the hand. And the wooden scabbard is beautiful.
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    Khukuri patina photos

    I soaked my 25" Kumar Kobra in vinegar for 8 hours yesterday. Here is the result. Kind of reminds me of the swords Zombie Tools are selling with the worn apocalyptic look. It's actually darker than in the pic and video. The camera light make it brighter than it actually is. Video:
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    First Day of Christmas Deals

    EMS 20 inch 23 ounce Chainpure Knife from Chainpur region. Carved wood sheath and handle. Beautiful gift knife at $100 even. Done Deal. :thumbup:
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    Prayers Please.

    Sending some smoke and thoughts from Sweden.
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    Recent additions

    Hello all. Here is a picture of my sword that arrived today. It´s a Condor Kondoru Wakazashi. 22,44" Weight 23.32 ounce. The scabbard & handle is made of walnut.
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    Deals for 10/12--Pix, Mini Micro Cherokee Rose, East Meets West Knife and Awesome Buy

    My Butterfly Sword finally arrived today. It was addressed to Ballistol as surname. But they managed to find me anyway. Lucky me. It's a light and fast sword. I put some Hooflex on it just now. And will do some cleaning tomorrow.
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    Recent additions

    I will ask a friend about puukos. My knowledge of this is not good. But a Puuko is from Finland what i understand. And the resemblance of a puuko and at typical samekniv is similar. At least when i google images of it. But then you also have indigenous same people i Finland. So it's not...