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  1. Fire King

    Innocuous/discreet carry knives

    I have a CJRB RIA which is an inexpensive knife that I didn't want to like but turns out I really do as it finds it way into rotation. It looks to me what some people call a gentleman's knife, it can be opened with the pinch if needed. I also carry a slip joint, usually a GEC or SAK.
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    Facebook jail is when you are a member of Facebook
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    You're saying that wrong...

    Ray Nitschke was a great football player. Knit-ski?
  4. Fire King

    2021 #85 Crown Lifter

    This is a fun one
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    PM to you
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    What was your first GEC

    Edit: Apparently I got off track with the original photo crop so here is the redo. At any rate, this one was my first, favorite and most affordable GEC. Its been a user.
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    Put me in line for 85 please
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    When did regular old pocket knives become “traditional”?

    I dunno, but it seems like the world likes to classify things and put them in buckets. I have always ridden motorcycles that I considered enduros but all of a sudden or not all of a sudden folks were calling them dual sports, so maybe I have my buckets mixed up. I was gifted a Spyderco in the...
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    What is the opposite of a knife?

    Assuming you are going philosophical instead of practical on this, the answer would be art or more specifically music which is a form of art and yes it is carried.
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    Oregon Revisited!!

    Thanks waynorth. It didn’t enter my mind to search here for my fathers name until last night. I don’t remember this particular display but it is in his style. Wood-handled, single-blade, large cokes were his passion. He researched and recorded great detail on each knife. In the world before...
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    The practice of loaning knives

    It depends who it is and if it is just temporary. My slip joint is usually my loaner in a work situation. A SAK SA1 or such is a good useful knife and inexpensive. I lent some dude at work 5 or 10 bucks once or twice as he was a perpetual down on his luck type. He didn't pay it back. I figured...
  13. Fire King

    One essential piece of gear

    Flashlight. Also I have used Zippos for years and have not experienced leakage or fast evaporation. For a bugout bag or similar, yes a Bic is the way to go. For personal carry in this cold winter climate the Zippo works for me. Last summer I was at the lake and my Zippo was out of fuel so I...
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    Anyone else waiting on USPS

    Yes have had delays but nothing like is mentioned here. Went to the post office and bought stamps the other day for the first time in a long time. I had sticker shock, I no idea they were 55 cents! For context, as a kid, candy bars were a nickel, or a dime for the bigun and stamps were 8 or 10...
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    Who still carries a Case Knife?

    I saw this post and it made me realize that this is the only Case I've owned, seems odd, just worked out that way I suppose.
  16. Fire King

    Good Excellent: Zippo Customer Service

    I have a 1986 Zippo with sentimental value with a case in decent shape but the interior business end of it was plain worn out. I shipped it to them last fall and they put new guts in it and returned it in perfect working order AND sent the original guts back too for collectability. They adjusted...