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  1. Don W

    Reveal 8 Released!

    ohh yeah! I've been wanting a serrated edge Police4.
  2. Don W

    GEC 15 Beer Scout Draft Beer Acrylic SOLD

    Please look closely at all pics. There are very minor handling marks on the bolsters, everything else is perfect. This knife sat on a dealers shelf for a few years, since I have had it it has only been out of the tube for photos. Excellent walk and talk and well-centered blades. Shipping will be...
  3. Don W

    The Sunday Picture Show (May 9, 2021)

    I love to look at all the great knives being posted. This is the first knife I ordered from Buck's custom shop. I have carried it more days than not since receiving it.
  4. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    My obsessive knife buying ticked up a notch last month. Here is a pic of my first 4 Buck 118's.
  5. Don W

    Does the Native Chief have lock issues like the Siren?

    My Native Chief does not have any lock issues.
  6. Don W

    Quality, Service or Price

    Price is the one I picked, but everything has its limits.
  7. Don W

    KaBar John Adventure "Potbelly"

    i'll take the gamestalker if still available.
  8. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    @Jeff of the North, Thank you for the heads up, I did manage to order both varieties. I may be a bit obsessed, going from not ever handled one to owning 4 of the 118's in just a few weeks all the while still looking for older variations.
  9. Don W

    Photos Step Challenge - a hike a day keeps the crazy away:)

    Your post has motivated me. I have increased my steps by 35 percent and have been making a bigger effort to get out in the woods.
  10. Don W

    April 2021 BOTM - 104 Compadre with 3V steel

    It's been a while since a 112. That is what I am hoping for, but so far I have been too slow and unable to get any of the BOTM's that interest me.
  11. Don W

    Coming this Spring - KA-BAR Becker BK40 Folder

    BK 40 doesnt seem to be on the Kabar website anymore.
  12. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    Here is a quick pic of the 118 I received last night. It is in D2. I'll put this one to use, hopefully soon. Turkey season is upon us. Now if I can just get one to cooperate and come close enough to me. I went ahead and ordered a 102, just so I could see how it feels in my hand. If I dont like...
  13. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    @TAH thanks for that pic, the 102 is a considerably smaller handle. For me I dont think I would want to go smaller than the 118 handle.
  14. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    Ive ended up with quite a few duds buying on ebay. I do have a couple on my watch list now. maybe I'll have to try a 102. I wonder how much smaller the handle is between it and the 118.
  15. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    I looked all over online and didn’t find any new 118’s in either of the the regular variety. If someone finds one send me a message, I’d like to get one.
  16. Don W

    A new one...

    I wouldnt be able to turn down a half price Sendero Classic. I'll have to check out the Recondo.
  17. Don W

    The Deer Hunter - Buck 118 Personal

    I just received my first 118. What a handy knife. I am so impressed by its feel in hand I had to go look online for another. I found a D2 with black handles and it is now on its way to me. :) Here is a quick pic of the 118 that I just unpacked this morning.
  18. Don W

    Limited Editions Released 3/31/2021

    A couple of quick pics on the kitchen table. I love the way this 118 turned out. What a great knife.
  19. Don W

    10k, 10-year BH Giveaway! - Winner selected on post 50!

    congratulations on the win! @Pàdruig Thanks for hosting the giveaway @daizee
  20. Don W

    Limited Editions Released 3/31/2021

    My knife has been delivered, but I am out of town til Sunday. The woman staying at our house while we are gone just gave me the heads up. I’ll post some pics next week. All the pics I’ve seen so far look greAt.