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    Large Sebenza/Insingo FULL BACK SPACERS...

    As Steve mentioned, I loaned him my Insingo to complete the back spacer design. Well I received the knife back today and WOW! The back spacer is terrific. Fits perfectly and looks great. I would add some picture but those that Steve added above are far better than I could take. If y'all are...
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    Lionsteel ROK - New M390 Blade Lionsteel Solid Knife

    I have looked at several Lionsteel knives and never purchased. With this design, the Lionsteel team will get my money. Perfect EDC size for me, innovative clip, flipper and great steel.
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    A long-long shot I know...

    Hope you get lucky and get your 25 back and glad the others remained with you.
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    My very first Sebenza Saturday...

    I would take it apart, sharpened the blade, add some CRK grease to the pivot, clip it to you pocket and use it. Great knife. First one is special.
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    EDC XII Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    Just working around the house with my CRK 25 clipped to my pocket as per usual on days like this.
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    Sharpener overload

    I struggled with the cost of the Wicked Edge but have one now. I also have a few extra stones and the new arms. Terrific system. Great edges, as much polish as you want and very repeatable. I used to free hand. I was fairly good at free hand sharpening and I enjoyed it. Interestingly...
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    Cracked blade?

    Did you ever hear back from CRK on the cracked blade? Just curious how this all work d out.
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    What's the best sharpening system

    I use a Wicked Edge on my Sebenzas. Simply put it is fantastic. Wickedly expensive but fantastic. I have added the upgraded arms and more stones through the years. Once you get the hang of it by sharpening a couple cheaper blades you are set. Now when I sharpen my Sebenzas I start with...
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    What would you like to see from LionSteel?

    I have thought about what I’d like from Lionsteel for a while. Also, I have often looked but never purchased a Lionsteel blade. I likely will buy one just have not yet. A Tispine flipper on bearings in M390 would get my money tonight.
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    Wicked edge grit progression

    I like the 800/1000 stones. After setting the bevel to my desired level I typically start sharpening with the 600 then go 880/1000 to save steel on the blade. I purchased the super fine and micro fine stones for refinement/polishing and now I don’t use the strops that often. Breaking in the...
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    Edge pro vs Wicked Edge

    I used to sharpen by hand and got good results. Then 5+ years ago I started looking at guided systems. I went with the WE and have since upgraded the arms and added stones/strops. While I have never used any other guided system, the WE results are terrific. The ability to reprofile and then...
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    Inkosi Insingo - New Batch coming in September!!!

    I woke up yesterday thinking I would get an Inkosi Insingo. My thinking was I like many features of my 25 compared to my Large Insingo but I like the blade shape on the Insingo. I had all but decided to part with the money and increase my CRK fleet by 50% to a total of three. Then something...
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    EDC XI Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    CRK 25 for me. Typical for me these days.
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    New Knife being released on Webstore today

    Not for me for sure. I can only hope the next new knife on the site is an original CRK.
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    Your bare minimum CRK collection - if you had to sell most

    My first was a Large Insingo. It would the last knife to go.
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    Number 76 CRK Arrived today

    Wow! While I have been thinking about getting my first Mnandi you accumulated 41 Mnandis. That is just flat out impressive.
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    Wicked edge tips

    Loupe + angle cube + Sharpie + cheap knife practice knife + going slow = mirrored edges WE is really a great product. Once you sharpen a couple you will be amazed at the results you get. Keep a journal as well. Helps with tuning and repeatability.
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    Making a Hinderer great again

    Never been a big Hinderer fan but that MP1 and your comments about the detects on the new models has me thinking maybe I should give them another chance. Nice WE work BTW. That 15 dps has to be a great slicer. Thanks for sharing.
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    Sebenza Edge Angle

    Same as Halden for me...18 degrees on Wicked Edge has been my standby for a long time. For me it's the best combination of sharpness and edge retention.
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    First Chris Reeve knife and a question

    DRLyman, Welcome to the world of CRK! That is a great knife and it's terrific you got a special birthday. Enjoy!