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    Funds are sent
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    Which spyderco? Please help me decide.

    Watch out for bumping those wire clips on pocket height counters...they spring loose
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    I will take the Delica if blade is centered and no blade rock. My email is ........
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    Allagash cruiser, anyone use/have one?

    Maine, The Way Life Should Be.....order is in!
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    Blades & Bourbon

    This stuff is now top shelf in the Northeast. You can not find it anywhere, always sold out and understandably
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    Blades & Bourbon

    Turkey and Boone
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    Knife like the Bark River Boone? Just got my Boone and they are still available. Great knife and great people to deal with at KW
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    Recommend me a bowie type knife

    F the Feds!
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    Recommend me a bowie type knife

    Bark River Boone or Boone 2. There are Boone's still available if you look around (KW;)) You can put in a preorder on some of the main Knife dealer sites as well. Convex is an easy to maintain edge, just different
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    Fiddleback Forge Recluse with 2 sheath options **SOLD**

    New never used with custom water molded to knife KSF leather sheath or Jou Fuu leather sheath. Desert Ironwood Handles with black and lime green g10 liners, A2 steel SFT and Tapered Tang. Price is ***SOLD***shipped paypal conus only. First I will take it followed by pm or email gets it shipped...
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    *SOLD*Be BOLD. Bronze Age brought to the Modern Age.

    withdrawn...thought this was a cold steel
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    Recommendation? TOUGHEST steel in general

    infi .300 thick, dull from the factory so it does not roll or chip (great reviews, but never used it steel as well....according to its fanbase). Higher the price the tougher it is around these parts....or 1095 at .180 thick for tough KNIFE use and value (U.S.A made;))
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    Busse SAR 4

    Have a couple possible trades
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    Survive knives forum should be closed

    Buyer beware! Got this email from Survive!....Had a typically bad experience with them a month ago. Made a paypal case and I won.