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  1. INFIBlackhole

    My Secret Ganza Weapon!

    easier way is just to have your email send automatically as a "scheduled send" when the second it goes live ;)
  2. INFIBlackhole

    SOLD Giedymin's Big Blades custom chopper

    Do you know what the weight is?
  3. INFIBlackhole

    (SOLD) Snakeskin CGFBM (SOLD)

    Ahh memories.. open to trades?
  4. INFIBlackhole

    Uhm.....................Forged in Fire ?

    Argonne Assualt with ring inside D-Guard? What episode?.. nevermind I see its episode 22
  5. INFIBlackhole

    Busse Knife Group FUN

    Can we just order a mystery box?
  6. INFIBlackhole

    Safetyman’s Memorial Day Sale...Busse Big’uns. BIG PRICE DROPS

    I have a custom shop nuclear nano fusion forsaken steel heart with black g-10 if your interested.
  7. INFIBlackhole

    A few Hogs

    Interested in trades?
  8. INFIBlackhole


    Open for trades?
  9. INFIBlackhole

    Canvas Mutant ...............Tacos ????????????

    Those are cool I like the brass rivets, how much for a 13" length?
  10. INFIBlackhole

    FSH question

    I have a nuked forsaken SH in route and can compare them, will probably let go the BG if your interested.