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  1. snwbrdr202

    Which Busse?

    INFI guillotine for me :eek: No quicker way to snip the tip!
  2. snwbrdr202

    Help!! Broken FBM tip!!

    Hahaha, definitely thought “I have to see this!”
  3. snwbrdr202

    7 blades with sheaths/ all sold.

    I’ll take the Battle Rat.
  4. snwbrdr202

    Off Topic Back again new Handle

    Russ welcome back brother! Great to have you back :thumbsup:
  5. snwbrdr202

    Mashed Cat Infi Ratweiler Sheath SOLD

    I’ll take the infi Ratweiler sheath bro!
  6. snwbrdr202

    CZ P10F OR - unfired

    Good morning! I have a new & unfired optics ready CZ P10F for trade. If you haven’t handled or shot one of these, you’re missing out! So damn fun and flat shooting. The only reason that I’m selling her is that I have a P10C OR and I like the compact model more; it’s more concealable. She comes...
  7. snwbrdr202

    1/300 SHBM & FFBM

    Good morning fellow hogs! It pains me to part with these beauties, but I’ve spent too much money on cutlery this month. Up for grabs are two beautiful and rare Battle Mistresses. I’ll consider partial trades for an EDC (Meaner, Duty, Warden) but otherwise cash is king! First up is a leprechaun...
  8. snwbrdr202

    WTTF Busse Argonne Assault

    Title says it all! Would like to buy or trade for an older style Busse Argonne Assault. I have some very desirable INFI and things that go BOOM. Feel free to PM or email me. Thanks in advance blade brothers!
  9. snwbrdr202


    Good afternoon fellow hogs and Happy New Year! It pains me to part with this green giant, but I have my eyes set on other cutlery; you know how it goes! This is a leprechaun FFBM. Beautiful standard thickness green linen handles and older green coating. She is new & unused, but you might be able...
  10. snwbrdr202

    Recommendation? ZT pocket clip replacement

    Good morning fellow cutlery enthusiasts! Can anyone recommend a replacement deep pocket clip for a ZT0393? Many thanks!
  11. snwbrdr202

    Finally made it

    OG Hog moving up! Congratulations brother :cool: Be safe out there!
  12. snwbrdr202

    Fantastic knives at fantastic pricing!

    Looks like these are gone! Thanks gents & Blade Forums.
  13. snwbrdr202

    Fantastic knives at fantastic pricing!

    Good morning hogs! I have a few knives that I am hoping to part with as I am fueling a bit of a folder addiction. Regretfully none have sheaths. The Battle Saw and the TGULB have been fed a light wood only diet, and the Mud Mutt is new & unused. I will entertain trades for old school Rats...
  14. snwbrdr202

    RMJ Loggerhead

    I was half joking when I said vintage bro, but this nearly 7yo hawk is made with 4140 steel whereas the newer hawks have a newer steel that I’m not so familiar with.
  15. snwbrdr202

    Lionsteel SR2 Ti

    Good afternoon gents! I have been carrying a Lionsteel SR2 Ti since it was released; no bs. I immediately fell in love with I bought a second which has been gathering dust in the knife drawer. I am hoping to switch things up and pickup a mid level Benchmade, Spyderco, or ZT. The SR2 is a...
  16. snwbrdr202

    Fehrman Extreme Judgement

    This beauty is sold!
  17. snwbrdr202

    Fehrman Extreme Judgement

    Good morning gents! I have for sale a very lightly used Fehrman Extreme Judgement and custom kydex. For those of you unfamiliar with the knife/steel, it is a fantastic ergonomic chopper that can hang with the best of em! Beautiful green linen scales with rubber shock-absorbing liners and a 9”...