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  1. PropThePolecat

    Anyone fan of Extrema ratio knives?

    I've had the BF2CDS for several years now. Solid and reliable knife. The N690 takes a good a edge. No complaints here.
  2. PropThePolecat

    Knives you overestimated

    Everything from ZT was overrated to me. Good knives, no questions about it, but overrated.
  3. PropThePolecat

    Contego 810, wow.

    I didnt like the deep carry clip either, so i swapped it for a standard BM clip.
  4. PropThePolecat

    Fallkniven TK4

    I cant seem to find the pics, dont know why. Ill dig around some more, but i found this thread here: It describes with pictures the exact same thing i did to my TK4. Hope it helps.
  5. PropThePolecat

    Fallkniven TK4

    I'll check if I still have the pictures somewhere.
  6. PropThePolecat

    Spec Ops sheath?

    The Combat Master sheaths have a kydex inner lining. You can remove the liner, insert your knife and pour boiling water over it. The kydex will soften and fit you knife perfectly. Leave it to cool with the knife still in it, and you'll have a rattle-free perfect fit.
  7. PropThePolecat

    Zero Tolerance: 0550 vs 0620

    Haven't decided yet, so thanks for the input. Looks like I'll have to try the 620
  8. PropThePolecat

    Spyderco Delica 4 for Duty Use?

    What kind of duty use are you anticipating? That's the most important question. Personally I've tried out many knives incl. Spyderco's Delica, Endura, PM2, Police 3, Ulize, etc. I've got 6 years on the Jon and I've also carried ZT, Extrema Ratio, Benchmade, Pohl Force and many others...
  9. PropThePolecat

    Zero Tolerance: 0550 vs 0620

    Hey all Been ages since I've been on the forums. Lots of new knives been launched while I've taken a couple of years away from the knife interest. I've seen the ZT0620 and it looks like an interesting knife. How does it compare to the 550? Reason I ask is, that I already own the 550 and I...
  10. PropThePolecat

    ZT 350 for edc

    I got one, that i sold later on. Didn't like it, but I really wanted to, after a year I bought another one. Ended up selling it again. The G-10 was very coarse and shredded my pocket. It was short, heavy and blocky and I didn't like carrying it. Ergonomics didn't do it for me, mainly because of...
  11. PropThePolecat

    will the 908 blade fit the 916 YES

    I wondered about this every since the Axis Stryker came out. I wasnt sure the swap could be done as one blade is slightly thicker than the other according to Benchmades specs. Nice work. I might getbabAxis Stryker and try it out.
  12. PropThePolecat

    Luminox sucks

    I don't think Traser is the same company as Luminox. I believe the same company provides the tritium tubes though.
  13. PropThePolecat

    SAK in Blended movie - other movies that portray a knife as a tool and not a weapon?

    Will Smith uses his Benchmade Auto Stryker to cut himself free from the spring trap the zombies set up in "I Am Legend". Sly Stallone uses his Spyderco Endura in "Daylight" to cut himself free of a harness.
  14. PropThePolecat

    810 grips.

    An alternative is to sand the scales under running tap water.
  15. PropThePolecat

    810 grips.

    I took a file to the edges of the scales, which improved the comfort tremendously. Nothing major, just a little bit to round the sharp edges. I also took some sandpaper and smoothed down the coarse G10. That was done mainly to avoid destroying my pants.
  16. PropThePolecat

    Return of Something Nasty

    Regarding the lanyard hole...were the liners hardened or was pretty straight forward drilling the hole? Did you avoid the backspacer and the tip of the blade interfering with the lanyard?
  17. PropThePolecat

    G Shock G900 Mudman, great watch, I'll compare with GDF100

    I had the GDF...excellent watch, but the baro trend "graph" was useless and I missed the button on the upper right corner. It had the best display I ever saw on a G-Shock though.
  18. PropThePolecat

    Is there a kevlar glove that is functional to be able to work on a sharp blade?

    I've got a pair of Turtleskin Alpha gloves I use on patrol. They're needle resistant on the palm and finger tips, and slash resistant on the back of the hand. I can operate radio, flashlight and pistol when wearing them, but they're not that good when searching people. I know it's not relevant...
  19. PropThePolecat


    If the knife is fitted with a deep carry clip, then there should be a lanyard hole.