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  1. JPD1998

    What’s your go-to dog walking carry? Let’s see some pics!

    My dog insists on carrying the knife.
  2. JPD1998

    Alternative to KERSHAW LEEK ?

    My wife bought me this one a few years ago and I think it's a good alternative to the Leek. AG Russell K12. They come in a few different configurations. The one in the picture is the least expensive, the Italian made versions are more expensive. The frame is titanium, so it's light enough to...
  3. JPD1998

    Bad BHQ Customer Credit Card Data Breach 2021

    My credit card was compromised about 3 or 4 weeks ago. And I did order with BHQ and Grindworks during that period. So now I know how they got my CC info.
  4. JPD1998

    Wheels and Blades

    Close to the same age as the '49 Hudson in Driving Miss Daisy, but my car is a '48 Pontiac. It was considered a sporty car because of it's 2 door fastback style. Pontiac did make a large 4 door sedan in '48 , "the Streamliner" My car has a build plate inside the hood with a 6 cylinder...
  5. JPD1998

    Wheels and Blades

    Falcon Swinguard.
  6. JPD1998

    Right Now!

    G&G Hawk Deadlock. I don't have enough blood in my body to sell.
  7. JPD1998

    Uses For The Stockman

    I have a bunch of large Stockman knives and found out years ago it's all you need for most chores. The Case large stockman in the picture below is usually in my pocket even if I have another knife with me. I use the sheep's foot blade for just about everything, it sits the highest and is very...
  8. JPD1998

    Clip less carry in the office - pocket sheaths?

    I use one of these pocket organizers. I carry it in the front right pocket. This one is was listed as "extra large", but they come in all sizes. When you shop for one check the specs and read the reviews. Some are listed as leather but aren't. The one pictured is leather and you can fit medium...
  9. JPD1998

    Best US made flipper

    I like my Hinderer... got it about a year ago. It flips good, it's not flashy (IMO) and it's a joy to use. My wife picked out the blade configuration and it was a good choice.
  10. JPD1998

    Ever find a gem on BUDK?

    Yes , I've found a few gems on Budk's site. Scored this one years ago on clearance.
  11. JPD1998

    Wearing of the Green

    I bought this one last year on St Patrick's day. Dealer had a St Patrick's day sale on them.
  12. JPD1998

    Worst Knife Reaction?

    I can't say that I've ever had a bad negative reaction to a knife I was carrying, but I have a non-confrontational personality. So usually my daily carry matches where I will be going during the day. The only incident that stands out, is a co-worker once referred to a small liner lock I was...
  13. JPD1998

    Disillusioned with bigger name “Reviewers”

    You mean like the Long Ranger's side kick... Tonto. And then there's the Microtech True O Don. I always figured it was just regional accents, but it does annoy me too. Maybe I have OCD, I repeat the words in my head with a NY accent....:)
  14. JPD1998

    CRKT Incoming CRKT M21-14DSFG , Always have wanted to try , but...

    it was early when I typed "Crawford" :) no coffee yet
  15. JPD1998

    CRKT Incoming CRKT M21-14DSFG , Always have wanted to try , but...

    I've got an M16 14T, bought it about 10 years ago. Sold an aluminum version and upgraded it with this titanium model. It's a solid knife, locks up good, slim in the pocket. I like the Crawford design it's a classic.
  16. JPD1998

    Unique and weird opening mechanisms

    This one is weird, CRKT Psych. The button releases the sliding bolster, you rotate the blade open and slide the bolster down to lock. It was discontinued shortly after being released in 2020.
  17. JPD1998

    My wife is hilarious.

    Actually the shoes and handbag thing was one of the main reasons she stopped asking. In my wife's case it's shoes.
  18. JPD1998

    My wife is hilarious.

    I would say "it cost $100", no matter what it cost. It became a joke because she knew they cost more than $100. She bought me an Umnumzaan 12 years ago for my 50th birthday and for awhile she thought that was the most expensive knife I owned.
  19. JPD1998

    My wife is hilarious.

    I've been married for 33 years and my wife stopped asking about 13 years ago.
  20. JPD1998

    Photos EDC - All Things Copper n Brass

    There's no number on the cartridge, but here's a picture