1. Week 51 of the BladeForums.com Year of Giveaways is live! Enter to win a Spyderco C244GP Native Chief
    Click here to enter the drawing for your chance to win a Spyderco C244GP Native Chief G10 + Misc Prize Pack , Bladeforums.com swag or memberships! Be sure to read the rules before entering!

    Entries will close at 11:59PM Saturday, Dec 21 ; winners will be drawn on Sunday @ 5pm on our Youtube Channel: TheRealBladeForums. Bonus prizes will be given during the livestream!

    Questions? Comments? Post in the discussion thread here
  2. Week 50 drawing for the BladeForums.com 20th Anniversary Year of Giveaways live stream, going on from 5-6PM eastern!!
    Tune in to our YouTube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/TheRealBladeforums, we'll be drawing winners for BladeForums.com merchandise & the grand prize:
    a Kizer C01C Sheepdog Ki4488A & Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Hunter, Cold Steel Stickers & Boker Tree Brand Hat , along with BladeForums branded gear!

    Additional prize(s) will be awarded to people in the livestream chat, so watch for your chance to win bonus prize(s)

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