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  1. B

    Best Machetes?

    Hey guys, recently ive been interested in machetes. There are so many different kinds out there and i was wondering if there are any in particular that are very good at cutting heavy brush, briars, and stuff like that. Not really looking for a chopper. Im looking for a good looking, high quality...
  2. C

    Machetes still aren't swords

    Fooling around with newest addition to machete collection; a topanga style Czech Lion. These things are really fun.
  3. C

    Machetes Save Lives

    Maybe my wife will stop giving me a hard time about collecting machetes after I explain I'm providing protection and security for the family.
  4. A

    Truper Machetes?

    Hey all, it's been awhile since I posted here. I've since picked up a few different machetes but I have no experience with Truper brand machete's and I'm having a rough time finding any information about them on the net. Doe's anyone here have any knowledge concerning them? I cam across a...
  5. M

    Are Machetes classified as swords?

    I just wanna know if Machetes can be considered Swords or classified in the Sword category?
  6. K

    A book on machetes...

    Anybody know of one?
  7. S

    6150 steel use? For sling blades and machetes

    Ok new guy question, don’t have a clue about 6150 steel and know a guy that says he made a mistake on buying his steel on a project Moved to tool forums
  8. Joshua Fisher

    *SOLD* 8670 Khukuri Machetes, Jack Daniel handles.

    Hello Everyone, today I have two of my khukuri machetes available, these are made from really tough 8670 high carbon steel with an 11” blade and a 4.5” handle. These are 3/32” thick at the spine making them light and fast perfect for clearing trail and light chopping tasks. The handles are made...
  9. C

    I had no idea that Etsy sold old machetes

    I somehow thought the website Etsy just sold home made earrings and backpacks made from recycled newspaper, but it turns out they sell other stuff too. Pretty rad.
  10. M

    Photos (UPDATES on Pg. 2) Do Tramontina machetes come from the factory like this or did the seller damage it with a grinder?

    I bought a 24" Tramontina with a poly handle. I was under the impression that the tip to somewhere around the belly would be, mostly, unfinished, but maybe that's the basic 18" Trams. I know my Ontario (18") took ages to get going with a file. But I received it with the belly and tip oddly...
  11. Mecha

    Curvy machetes

    Two Italian hikers requested curvy, pointed machetes for use while backpacking in the wilderness. They don't know each other, it was a coincidence that both of them asked for the exact same thing at the same time. Made of old BT23 Russian armor plate alloy, one of my favorites. 18" blades, one...
  12. R

    Cheap machetes. Which should i get?

    I have bought and used a couple of Tramontina 14" machetes and i love them. Will do everything i need it to do. But i now need a new one. The 14" inch costs about $15 here in the UK, so something up to about $25 is maximum i want to spend. What would you advise? stick with Tramontima, try a...
  13. David Mary

    SOLD - Big user machetes

    Here are a couple of user machetes I made from 1/8" thick ~1080 sawmill blade steel. They have been heat treated and tempered post grinding, and they both exhibited great toughness characteristics in testing on trail clearing and wood processing. The hawkbill is great for trail clearing of...
  14. Apocryphiliac

    Machetes and Mid-tech/Production Fiddlebacks

    Just wondering if these are going to be restocked at any time in the near future. I haven't noticed the Machetes being available for, like, a really really long time. :confused: If anyone has any version of the Fiddleback Machete or a Pro or CS Camp Knife they would like to sell or trade, let...
  15. David Mary

    SOLD - Two Hawkbill Machetes

    These are knives I made for @chugokujin I am starting this thread for two reasons, firstly so that Chugokujin can post in here with a token "I'll take them", thus giving us both access to the forum community as a tool of accountability, and secondly to show my work, and hopefully garner some...
  16. GhostAlpha0

    Some machetes and longer blades

    Standard disclaimer: Shipping is included in the price (within the US). First to post "I'll take it" in this thread gets priority on claims. Immediate follow-up via PM or email (akrapacs AT gmail) is required. No trades. Shipping minimum $30 please. Feel free to make me an offer -- email me...
  17. V

    Cold Steel Machetes and Accusharp sharpeners

    ...Machete, and an Accusharp Sharpener. Accusharps are well reviewed on the Sword Buyers Guide site. The Accusharp did am amazing job on the machetes. I posted an Amazon review that said Cold Steel should include an Accusharp with every machete :-) Accusharp also makes a ceramic V rod sharpener...
  18. Y

    Short machetes

    I'm looking at the Condor eco parang and the Cudeman bolo machete. 42blades helped me a lot talking about the eco parang and I pretty much made up my mind to get one. 1075 steel, 3mm thick, bit worried the handle could be a bit thick. But I've seen the Cudeman reduced to the same price £50...
  19. Mecha

    Lightest machetes in the world!

    One of the Siberian Slasher ultralight machetes from a numbered batch has a permanent slight bow in the blade, the result of a heat treatment bugaboo. This means I get to beat up on the machete! As far as I know, these are the lightest machetes in the world, at an average of about 9 ounces and...