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  1. herisson

    Can anyone identify this Japanese looking knife.

    I like your collection ! The one on the extreme left really looks like a Nakiri Japanese knife. And yes, weight is important, shape not so much. Though, I prefer a sharp tip on my kitchen knives. So, Gyuto and Santoku it is. However, I minced up today some chicken breasts with my Kai Shun...
  2. herisson

    What size blade is the perfect EDC for you?

    While it's complicated (or not), I like them all. And that's my EDC theme !
  3. herisson

    Can anyone identify this Japanese looking knife.

    The weight of the knife will be the judge. I wanted to "open a window" for a cook friend of mine and I lent him my Friedrich Dick version to try out (OK, I admit I chickened out there because my Kai Shun Classic Cai Dao (the real deal) stays at home, point final). He just sayed dryly "It's nice...
  4. herisson

    What size blade is the perfect EDC for you?

    His personal site is much worth visiting : he does a lot of very diverse styles. But you knew that. He also does custom work (it was so pleasant to work with him !), so I can't resist to post this again ! Excellent EDC ! The symetrical blade makes for a double...
  5. herisson

    What size blade is the perfect EDC for you?

    While we're at it, I should post this. This was (still is, actually) one of my favorite pocket fixed blades. I tend to prefer stainless nowadays, so it has taken a back seat, but this little knife offers a perfect balance of weight, size, cutting edge and grippable handle. A true masterpiece...
  6. herisson

    Can anyone identify this Japanese looking knife.

    The misunderstanding may come from the fact that the Chinese use two very similarly shaped knives as their main kitchen knives : the Cai Dao (vegetable knife) for thin slicing, dicing, mincing, filleting (the blade is usually under 1/12" at the spine, with a very steep edge) and a full fledged...
  7. herisson

    Full Tang SGIAN DUBH Wanted!

    Don't know if the OP is still on the hunt but, right now, there are two for sale on BF Knife Maker's Market :
  8. herisson

    What size blade is the perfect EDC for you?

    Stoil Manchev, from Sofia, Bulgaria. He is on Blade Forums' Knife Maker's Market. He is great to deal with and does fantastic work.
  9. herisson

    What size blade is the perfect EDC for you?

    This ^ ! If we're talking "perfect" there cannot be only one. The perfect one will have the length, the weight, the type (fixed or folder, one handed or two handed opening, etc.) that match exactly my requirements of the day. And it must please my sense of aesthetics. Important for an EDC. This...
  10. herisson

    Blood stains on stag??

    That antler has quite some pith (the porous part). My take is to not worry about it. It will brown out and the whole pith part will soak blood, fat and dirt like a sponge anyway. Wash it with hot water, give it a rub with a ScothBrite pad (occasionally), and after thoroughly drying, drench with...
  11. herisson

    cutlery steel vs EDC steel?

    That amber bone handled (plain ?) knife is a thing of beauty !
  12. herisson

    The truth about Fällkniven S1 Pro

    Yes, right, but that stick tang job is horrific. Even the threaded part looks garbled. A positive thought, though : I lust no longer after a Volcano.
  13. herisson

    Do you use an outdoor fixed blade in the kitchen?

    I love the Spyderco Moran. Mine is an upswept and probably has the most comfortable handle ever made. What I don't get about this knife, is the half-assed choil / ricasso. I would much prefer the cutting edge going straight up to the handle.
  14. herisson

    A new Bushcraft knife from Seki Japan.

    The knives are beautiful. Though, I don't get at all, the craze for so called "bushcraft" knives...Hey, makers will sell what is on demand.
  15. herisson

    Does "blade width" matter?

    There is "carving" and then there is "carving", like "turkey or chicken carving" business. You can do any of them with a sharp blade... but the purpose designed blade will do it best. I must admit, I carve up those chickens (with any sharp blade, but preferably long) before putting them in the oven.
  16. herisson

    Does "blade width" matter?

    This is width related. A wide (and thin) dagger should be as strong, or stronger, than a narrow and thick dagger, and be a good cutter, at that. That was the thought at the beginning. With this one I tried to combine piercing & cutting capacities while still retaining strength... It is a dagger...
  17. herisson

    Does "blade width" matter?

    And there you explained to me the purpose of the Deba. Which I never quite understood. But I'm not that great on fish. I grill and cook fish, though. But without filleting first. Would I live on another sea border, though, this could be interesting.
  18. herisson

    Does "blade width" matter?

    If you use "just one" knife for various tasks you can, indeed, get extremely efficient with it. The Cai Dao pattern (a very thin cleaver blade) was for centuries the one and only authorized Chinese kitchen knife, for cultural and political reasons (a pointed weapon was for military only, and...
  19. herisson

    Is there such a thing - knife that was sharpened too much ?

    I had to sharpen tons of knives with "dimples" and it honestly pissed me off. But... the cooks using them were totally happy with edges way up into the dimples. Note here : I inherited this park of knives which were often ground up to half of the blade (on bench grinders by tinkers, even by...