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  1. trestle

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    WTB: desperately seeking a Fiddleback Mid-Tech Kephart in Black Micarta. If you have a spare or aren't using yours, please consider selling.
  2. trestle

    Custom GB chat thread

    Will this happen on your website or here on bladeforums? It’s been so long that I don’t know the current process.
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    Custom GB chat thread

    I would also be interested in partnering with someone on a second knife, if that option is allowable.
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    Cohutta Model Specs

    Email sent. Thank you.
  5. trestle

    Cohutta Model Specs

    A lot has happened in 3 years, I'm trying to catch up. Could anyone please compare or show a pic of a BearPen with a Fiddleback Kephart? Also curious how the FF Kephart compares with the Strebig models if anyone can compare them. Thank you.
  6. trestle

    Fiddleback Gaucho in 3/32 AEB-l

    I haven't been on here in a long time, not sure how it all works anymore. I've been watching this knife on ebay and now I see it here. I would like to make an arrangement to purchase it from you but I do not have PM privileges. Could you please email me at [email protected] where we could...
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

  8. trestle

    FS: Fiddleback Forge Handyman in 3/32" SFT

    It's out on loan but still available for sale. It is still unused.
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    Alone Season 4 on June 15

    Time to alter the setting if they want to save the show. The season in Patagonia was different but still too similar to those on Vancouver Island. Drop them in the desert or high alpine (or possibly a high-alpine desert) so we can see a different variety of skills and tactics. It would also...
  10. trestle

    Alone Season 4 on June 15

    This lady should already qualify for next year. A 71-year old who survived in the mountains for 6 days without any supplies, be sure to look at the shelter she built. She did have her dog though so she wasn't quite alone. link...
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    Post Up Your NEW Gear ...

    Is there a Dutch oven on the way?
  12. trestle

    Alone Season 4 on June 15

    No one-year-old remembers their first birthday, it's the one birthday you CAN miss. Even the 2nd birthday is fairly irrelevant, except for the moms. That tapout was weak. Hard to see them repeating this format. Good gawd, you'd think none of them had ever seen rain before.
  13. trestle

    Alone Season 4 on June 15

    I'm surprised the one brother didn't punch the other brother for that crappy excuse for a shelter. Especially after getting soaked not long after arriving. They'll be the next ones out.
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    Hall of Fame recommendation thread

    Lou Castle was great to do business with. Very patient and courteous, a true gentleman. I would also give him a 100% positive rating if the software would allow.
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    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Replied via email.
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    Yes, thank you Thurin, I have now mastered that feature.
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    Important Info! I've changed the default site style to Flat Awesome

    Is there any way to reduce the amount of space in the user information panel on the left side of the default view? And reduce the amount of space after the signature? A single-line post takes up 3 inches or more of screen space due to all the extra unnecessary white space. For example, can the...
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    Anyone else think the new format is too 'busy'?

    Can't stand all the wasted space at the bottom of everyone's posts. Below their sigs and their post-count much wasted space requiring constant scrolling.
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    The 710 Custom Sheaths

    What happened to the old thread? I had asked a question, you replied, and now I can't find it anywhere to follow up on.