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    Cheers and Tears: A little Multi-tasking Smoke if you Please

    Will send smoke and wish you and her the best of luck.
  2. C great friend and shining light...has walked West.

    Haven't been to the Cantina in over a month, so this is a shock. I learned a lot from Yvsa and will always know these things. They come to mind frequently, and when they do I will remember him.
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    The relaxing sport of kayak fishing...

    Howard: Thanks for that assessment. I was wondering if the Mirage would beat paddles and it sounds like it does. The Hobies that appeal to me are those two-seaters, because it looks like the front seat could be removed to make room for alot of gear stowage. In my potential paddling grounds...
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    The relaxing sport of kayak fishing...

    Howard: After checking out that video I am very interested in the "mirage drive." How long have you had them in service? In the video it appears this drive is faster than a paddle, and I am wondering if more distance can be covered in a day with one. Also, how well does that drive hold up -...
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    cant wait for the yojimbo 2

    The pre-order price is a little over a hundred bucks - is that less than the retail is going to be? It seems pretty cheap for an S30V knife from Golden.
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    Old fashioned goodness, Dietz Lanterns

    When I was a kid, the highway dept. put what appeared to be Dietz Comets (painted blue) with red globes out on their sawhorse street barriers as warning lights. Now they use battery operated yellow strobes but I remember when there would be hundreds of those little lanterns burning all over...
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    Old fashioned goodness, Dietz Lanterns

    Lou: Now that you mention it, the #350 does have a smaller wick. I just went out in the garage and checked, though mine is a Dietz "Little Wizard" which appears to be the Dietz version of the WTK 350. At the time I got it WTK was out of them so I settled for a Dietz. I also have a WTK...
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    Old fashioned goodness, Dietz Lanterns

    Your best bet is probably the W.T.K. #350 "Little Giant." It has the biggest (5/8") wick and the globe is easy to clean when it gets sooted-up. Longer globes are alot tougher to clean, and they don't seem to be any brighter.
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    Prayers, but please, NO smoke!!! (read on...)

    You certainly have my sympathies and hopefully the wind won't shift and send you any of the MN smoke. There is a big 'ol fire burning outside my old hometown of Ely right now and they are complaining about the smoke all the way over in Chicago. Sounds like the USFS has its hands full nation-wide.
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    Smoke and Prayer for a smooth journey West

    Smoke sent. We all have to make this passage but can hardly complain about it if after 91 years someone can say the things about us that you can say about Albert.
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    I'm still hanging on... :)

    Well, you old timers sure helped me out. Every blade edge I own has a touch of Yvsa on it, and the wood on every one of my long guns shines with Walosi. Good luck with that back. My wife had her spine whittled on recently but seems to be recovering well. When I have a sore back or trouble...
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    Camping at Huntington Reservoir August 5th and 6th

    I just blew through there in a hurry heading back to MN from AZ, but the whole town seemed dedicated to mountain bikes, 4-wheelers and jeeps. The 60-mile views in that part of the country really give me pause.
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    Camping at Huntington Reservoir August 5th and 6th

    Say, do you ever go camping in the Moab area? This Spring I drove through there are was pretty impressed - might want to spend a little more time there.
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    Remembering Walosi

    Walosi crosses my mind every time I open a bottle of Tru Oil. This past year I have been getting the stuff in 16 oz. bottles.
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    More Stopping Power - .40 or .45?

    Townsend Whelan once said that comparing the stopping power of various service handgun cartridges was like a discussion of seniority among second lieutenants. Stopping power aside - the .45 has somewhat of an edge if you load your own. - Low pressure. The cartridge case lasts forever...
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    I got two of these: They are indestructable.
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    used rem 870 POLICE or new rem 870 express?

    Good move. The parkerized "Police" guns are Wingmasters and replacement 870 barrels will fit them. Under all that parkerizing the receiver should say "Wingmaster" on it. The "Express" gun uses some type of barrel proprietary to that model and most replacement 870 bbls (slug, rifled sight...
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    used rem 870 POLICE or new rem 870 express?

    The parkerized police 870's are Wingmasters without all the shine, etc. Wingmaster barrels all fit them (slug barrels, vented rib. etc.). In spite of the parkerizing, the receiver should say "Wingmaster" on it. If not, beware because somebody may be trying to pass off an Express on you (most...
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    Tim Larkin Wants You to Know How to Kill

    "Generally if there's choice in the matter, most likely it's the wrong time to respond." - Tim Larkin This thread might blend in better on the "practical tactical" forum, but as khuk users there are a few points we might find instructive given periodic references to khuks as defensive...