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  1. Chiro75


    I've used a Himalayan Imports "villager" kukuri for yardwork forever (like 10 years). Never clean or sharpen it, tough as nails
  2. Chiro75

    SOLD Laksevo 6al-4v Titanium Liner Lock #01 - Davo Knives

    I don't see a price listed...
  3. Chiro75

    Lots of Hinderer Stuff - Standoffs, Scales, Beads, Pen Tips

    I'll take brass. Bad #14 if its still available. PM incoming
  4. Chiro75

    Antiquing titanium?

    I've got some 6Al/4v titanium leftover from ye olde knifemaking days and I want to make a keychain tab/fob for a friend who is getting married soon. I am planning on using regular hardened steel letter punches to "type" the message and doing some grinding around the edge, make it look old and...
  5. Chiro75

    Brewery knife?

    Someone sent me a picture of a knife their neighbor is making that is modeled after something used in a brewery. Looks more or less like a cleaver. They were curious what the knife would be used for. Any ideas?
  6. Chiro75

    Recommended roller luggage?

    I travel a lot and have been very impressed with my eBags Mother Lode eTech mini ( I carry-on always and it fits just right in the overhead bin. Based on my experience with this particular bag, I...
  7. Chiro75

    Got it!

    I have the same wallet, in Tobacoo, and I love it! I also have an iPad case from Saddleback and it's awesome, too. Wish I could justify the cost of a set of their suitcases! WOW! I'm a practicing chiropractor and I take wallets out of back pockets ALL THE TIME. It's a bad habit, can cause some...
  8. Chiro75

    Dad & I Made Blade Mag

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! LOL
  9. Chiro75

    ***SOLD*** Tobin Smith - Camp Knife Afzelia Burl

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see a price listed?
  10. Chiro75

    Looking for a couple sq ft of 2.5-3oz english kip

    I'm interested in making a Moleskine notebook cover ala Gfeller. I recently bought one from Renaissance Art which is great, but I wanted to compare it to something a little smaller in proportion made with thinner leather. Gfeller makes their Moleskine cover out of 2.5-3oz english kip calfskin...
  11. Chiro75

    1095 camp knife

    Very cool!
  12. Chiro75

    FT: Deviant friction folder - carbon fiber hawkbill

    No thanks, Gangsta. I have a couple balis that I'm pretty happy with already.
  13. Chiro75

    FT: Deviant friction folder - carbon fiber hawkbill

    BTTT, thanks for the offers, but not interested in anything so far.
  14. Chiro75

    Cool knife wall hangers

    Spotted this, thought it was a cool idea:
  15. Chiro75

    Lg Patagonia for XL

    Let's bump this back up. I'd also consider trades for Atwood stuff, gadgets from other folks, possibly flashlights. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  16. Chiro75

    Replaceable inserts on framelocks

    That's a good point. Although... even from a custom/handmade point of view, it'd probably be easier to have someone send a worn out folder in, pop the insert out, handgrind a new one, etc and pop it in than it would be to make a whole new frame for. I'm sure the isert has some downsides, though...
  17. Chiro75

    FT: Deviant friction folder - carbon fiber hawkbill

    Here are a few more photos: