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  1. miltmaldo

    Spyderco’s exclusive and Sprint

    Im trimming down some of my Spyderco collection . PM3 4v BNIB I’m the original owner $300 Shaman M4 DLC BNIB original Owner asking $300 Military 52100 LNIB Im the second owner come to me new some how I managed to add minor spotting I can send pictures If needed other wise like new never used...
  2. miltmaldo

    Spyderco Bombshell

    I have a BNIBag Bombshell I’m the original owner . Asking $400 PayPal F/F or Venmo or cashiers check . I’ll consider a trade for a Benchmade anthem in same condition. Please keep offers to PM or at my username at Gmail. Com
  3. miltmaldo

    WTT Summit Half Dome

    I have a lightly used Summit Half Dome up for trade . I received this in a trade I believe it came to me as new I carried it a couple of time . it’s in excellent condition. I’m open to offers from Benchmade ZT Spyderco and others send me an offers worst I can say is I’ll pass . Keep offers to...
  4. miltmaldo

    Whats going on with Emerson

    Thats more money for Emerson . No Middleman
  5. miltmaldo

    WTT PM2 , Military

    Still available
  6. miltmaldo

    WTT GEC , Benchmade …

    I have some BNIT GEC 33,35,62,66,23,that I’ll like to trade for other single blade GEC I’m only looking for GEC knives . The Benchmade are users the blade have scratches and have been sharpened the 710 does not have a box . the lion steel is in excellent condition never sharpened and the cold...
  7. miltmaldo

    Do you guys play video games?

    I’m Playing the Remake of FF7 on the PS4 and once in a while when my son is Not playing he’s PS5 I’ll play MLB The Show and COD .
  8. miltmaldo

    WTT PM2 , Military

    I have an exclusive CTS 204P PM2 I Received this one in a trade it came to me in excellent to mint condition without box it looks that way to me . No scratches looks great . I also have a NIB Military with the 52100 steel . I’m looking to trade for newer PM2 exclusive some ZT Benchmade and some...
  9. miltmaldo

    FS limited ZT 0454

    Up for sale is my ZT 0454 Im the original owner It’s been out Of the box a couple of time for show and tell never been carried or used mint condition . Asking price $old PM me or send me an email to my username @gmail. Com keep comments to I’ll Take or PM sent . Thanks
  10. miltmaldo

    WTT Emerson CQC14

    up For trade is an excellent condition CQC14 . I’m The second owner it was described like new without a box looks that way to me . Im open to offers Spyderco ZT benchmade … worst I can say is I’ll pass . please keep offers to PM or email Me at my user name at Gmail . Com little to no feedback...
  11. miltmaldo

    WTT PM3 , PM2

    I have a Rex-45 LW PM3 and a S45VN sprint run PM2 Both are BNIB . Looking to trade for other PM2 that are in same condition specially looking for the new Elamx , Copper Rex-45 , and some others PM2. if you have something else to offer send me an email at my user name at .
  12. miltmaldo

    WTT GEC 23

    I have a BNIT 23L that I’m looking to trade . I’m interested in single blade GEC specially the 86 that just came out some two blade will be consider but prefer single blade . little to no feedback I’l ask you to ship first. thanks
  13. miltmaldo

    WTTF PM2 ElMax

    Im keeping the k900
  14. miltmaldo

    WTTF PM2 ElMax

    I have an excellent condition M4 PM2 mint no scratches . Looking to trade for an elmax or a copper BHQ PM2 . PM me or email me at my username at Gmail. Com
  15. miltmaldo

    WTT Sprint PM2

    I have a BNIB Sprint PM2 S45VN with the green g10 and a M4 LNIB that I’ll like to trade for some other exclusive PM2 . Im looking for some PM2 in return . Looking for the new knife joy , DLC 10v and the Rex-45 with copper Handles. other offers are welcome but will be picky with what I want . Pm...
  16. miltmaldo

    Benchmades for Sale Reduced

    I’ll take the mini adamas
  17. miltmaldo

    WTT Ritter Hogue ,CS and other

    I’ll pass thanks