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    Aftermarket CRK parts?

    I found some washers online, tried them and they seem to be fine. I only have them in one knife and cant tell any difference, other than in my head! LOL
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    Recommendation? Quality clip?

    I like the MXG clips the best for myself. I have had the Lynch and they compliment the knife very well but once they bend i found them bothersome. I went back to the MXG and while they will bend a s well they are easier to "re-adjust" in my eyes. I have tried the Hawk clip myself, not to fond...
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    cleaning/polishing bass washers on CRKs

    "Sebenza's washers were hand fit to the knife" I may be way off base here but this is my take on the washers. They are not hand fit to the knife for "FIT" They are hand polished slightly for each knife for the "ACTION". If they were hand fit then the washers would be way different in sizes or...
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    Inkosi ceramic ball worn….

    Any chance you got some pictures?
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    Lynch clip for inkosi/seb 21

    I always found the Lynch Clip to look the best but still can be bent out of shape after a period of use with jeans. It does have better tension but I have went back to the MXG for better flexibility when wearing jeans which is most of the time.
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    Your thoughts on Bog Oak?

    I thought the same thing in the beginning about the Bog Oak. Then I too heard the story behind it and had to have one. I really enjoy mine. I'm sure you will too.
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    Post your regs!

    Hope these are aloud to play!
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    FS Sebenza 25 x 2 & Ridge Wallet TI

    And funds sent. :)
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    FS Sebenza 25 x 2 & Ridge Wallet TI

    Matt, I will take the Sebenza 25 dated 2014.
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    FS Sebenza 25 x 2 & Ridge Wallet TI

    PM sent on 2014 model.
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    Per our email conversation I will take this. :)
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    Emil sent
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    Really like this, What steel is used here?
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    Another lockup question...

    I have seen this posted twice and for the life of me I cannot understand this. Is the ball not located on the edge of the lockbar? Honestly I am trying to picture this and any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    Question about bushing fitment on 21

    Where do they adjust out tolerances? Million dollar question right there.
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    Recommendation? My first CRK with blade play

    This is all just a shame!
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    Recommendation? My first CRK with blade play

    Has anyone ever measured the thickness of the CRK washers? Everyone one of mine is the same thickness. Kinda makes me wonder about them polishing the washers to "FIT". Would love to hear about anyone else who has measured there washers. :)