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  1. IUKE12

    Any recommended western gun holster makers?

    True works of art right there.
  2. IUKE12

    A Trek through the Woods with Fatwood!

    Nice day out. I can almost smell that fatwood from here.
  3. IUKE12

    Affordable flashlight quality / longevity

    I have to agree with Lenny. The Baton rocks for output and UI.
  4. IUKE12

    Do you use an outdoor fixed blade in the kitchen?

    Bark River Fox River and Kephart see a lot of kitchen duty here. The thin Kephart is a slicer and dicer.
  5. IUKE12

    Where/how do you store the majority of your knives?

    I have a Spyderco 18 knife holder and a Benchmade 6 knife holder, both full. The rest are in a few cigar boxes. I rotate all my knives every few weeks or so.
  6. IUKE12

    Why are Spyderco knives so ugly?

    To each his own I guess. I've been staring at my Sage for a while now and can see nothing ugly about it:confused:
  7. IUKE12

    Lynn Thompson-What a joke

    Off to a great start. My advice, don't allow someone you despise to live rent free in your head.
  8. IUKE12

    ESEE folks, handle preference?

    I'm perfectly satisfied with the stock scales on my 3 and 6. Being the cheapo that I am, I never wanted to spend the extra $$ on custom scales. The 6 is a great knife and I'm sure you will enjoy its many attributes.
  9. IUKE12

    ESSE 6 necessary if I already have the 4?

    The question should be Is the ESSE 4 necessary if I have the 6? The answer would be no, its that good...IMO:D
  10. IUKE12

    Opinel: Why there are 2 holes / pits at the end of the handle.

    Maybe contact them and inquire?
  11. IUKE12

    Opinel: Why there are 2 holes / pits at the end of the handle.

    none of my 4 opinels have them, size 8 and 9
  12. IUKE12

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to the best knife community. Lots of knowledge here
  13. IUKE12

    Your Favorite Pattern

    Give me a Kephart or give me death.
  14. IUKE12

    Tip up or Tip down

    All the above plus one more thought. Dedicate your pocket of choice to knife only. No keys, marbles, no challenge coins. You get the idea.
  15. IUKE12

    What watch do you wear?

    I love the history you always provide:thumbsup: Good stuff.
  16. IUKE12

    What watch do you wear?

    purchased this one around 1981. Used it diving for decades. Had it to 175 feet in a quarry. Still runs great. Sorry for the bad reflections.
  17. IUKE12

    What watch do you wear?

    My Bertucci field watch.
  18. IUKE12

    Owning one pocket knife

    Once upon a time I was a one knife guy but then I discovered this forum and have been chasing the holy grail since then. I would have been content with that one knife (Buck 110) Thank you internet:(
  19. IUKE12

    OPINEL. Which "larger" one should I consider for next purchase ?

    I have a couple #8's. Also have a couple #9's, carbon and s/s. I much prefer the 9 in carbon. I agree with kobold, it's the sweet spot.
  20. IUKE12

    Recommendation? Is a Rat 1 still worth it today?

    When the knife first became available it was priced at $60. I went ahead and bought one and shortly thereafter $30 became the norm:( At $30 it's a good deal and the AUS-8 is just fine, absolutely worth it.