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    Kershaw JYD 2.2 & Spyderco Ambitious

    Prices include first class shipping. Paypal only. Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2.2 composite blade (Factory second) - lightly used and carried - $100 OBO Spyderco Ambitious - lightly used - $25 OBO I removed the pocket clip, but the knife will come with the pocket clip and the screws. I'll attach it...
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    Spyderco, CS Ti-Lites, Kershaw, and others!

    Posted a message on your profile page.
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    Spyderco, CS Ti-Lites, Kershaw, and others!

    Several knives up for sale today. Let me know if you have any questions or want to see different angles. I'm open to offers. Package #1 (all four of the following knives together) - $90 $80 shipped Kershaw Leek Composite Blade BLEM - lightly used, still has factory edge (note the blade lock...
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    Can you help me value these knives?

    I found some more knives that don't spark joy in me so it's time to get rid of them. It's hard to figure out prices on inexpensive, not-so-common knives, so can y'all tell me what are reasonable prices for these knives? Here are the knives I have: Victorinox 125th Anniversary Swiss Army Knife...
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    What are these worth?

    Thanks for the advice on these! Most have been sold with the help of y'all. I have a few more knives that I'd like some advice on for valuation, so is the "General Knife Discussion" the right place for it? Or does it belong somewhere else?
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    ZDP Endura, Kershaw JYD 2.2, & ZT 0350TS

    ZDP Endura and ZT 0350TS are sold! JYD 2.2 is still available.
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    ZDP Endura, Kershaw JYD 2.2, & ZT 0350TS

    Hello Blade Forums! I have three knives to sell. Never sharpened any of them. All prices include shipping and are open to offers. SOLD Spyderco Endura 4 ZDP-189 - $80 - British racing green, flat saber grind (Not the FFG version) Lightly used, carried a few times. Solid lockup with no...
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    What are these worth?

    I also wish my Endura was FFG. Any consensus on what the two blems are worth? It's been so long I can't even remember what I paid for them.
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    What are these worth?

    I have four knives that I'd like to sell, but I've been away from the knife market for too long and I don't know what constitutes reasonable pricing for them. I have: ZDP-189 Endura VG-10 Delica Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2.2 (Blem) ZT 0350TS (Blem) All are lightly used, but used nonetheless...
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    SCAMMER ALERT!! KEITH JANOWICZ, aka FingerBlade scammed me in a trade.

    I only low balled him because he had only 2 posts or whatever. I would never low ball like that with a respected, well known seller. I make offers, but I don't think my offers are low balling. And I was willing (I was still skeptical) to deal with him because I trust Paypal's buyer protection
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    Giveaway: Hinderer Investigator Pen (Brass)

    I'm in :D thanks for the giveaway. This looks cool!
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    WINNERS PICKED**Giveaway** Two USA stockmen

    Looks good :D I'm in for the chance. Thanks man!
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    ***SOLD*** SwissBianco/+B Victorinox Alox Bushcrafter, Spyderco LadyBug

    Is it a Ladybug 3? And I'm guessing it's vg-10 and not zdp-189, right?
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    SCAMMER ALERT!! KEITH JANOWICZ, aka FingerBlade scammed me in a trade.

    This guy is selling (or was I guess) a Strider SMF: It seems really fishy and what's even more fishy is the guy who bought it and when they both signed up... Is it possible that this is the same guy? Probably...