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    What are my CPM-M4 options?

    Hey everyone. I've been out of the game for a few years and I'd like to purchase a folder in M4 steel. I had a Contego and loved it (lost it), and I'm just wondering what my options are today. I assume some knives have come out since last I bought one. Thanks for any advice!
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    No Knife :-(

    Ian, have you considered Bond Insurance? I believe that may be helpful moving forward, although a pre-existing injury may pose a problem. I've had 3 falls since surgery. Two were from standing too quickly and passing out. For what it's worth you are in my prayers. Your customers too. This is...
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    Hippo dagger

    Man that looks *good* in the sheath. There are a few things about this setup that I'd normally dislike (on paper), but looking at it as a whole, it really comes together nicely. In my experience snake doesn't like to be flexed often in a small area (like the retention strap), but keeping it...
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    Ronin tanto - A new design

    Beautiful! I love the spine fuller. May I ask how the copper stud is fastened to the leather? I've been wanting to make custom studs for special projects for some time. My current studs are two piece with a screw down back. If there's a reasonable (in terms of time) way to make these it would...
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    you get what you paid for or don't be an idiot

    Usps it is. :) They are my favorite carrier anyway. Thanks for the information. I've shipped to South America, Australia and Canada, but never to Germany. That's a great idea Ken. I don't write German, but I'm sure I could get some help. Since y'all are wearing your thinking caps let me...
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    Passaround! Roundknife and Skivver.

    Good advice not letting them dull before a little maintenance. The guy that makes my wood carving knives said the same and they've just cut and cut and cut. I'll strop every 15-30 minutes and they've stayed very sharp.
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    you get what you paid for or don't be an idiot

    Thank you Dave! That covers a lot of what I needed to know. The prices for ups are indeed high. The other day when I went to ship the passaround knives I tried to go with usps but the office was closed. Ended up shipping via ups. Worked great but it came to $30ish bucks. Kinda surprised me...
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    No Knife :-(

    Well crap. It seems there are so many of us in the same boat. I truly hope you do get better. It would be sad for you and custom knives in general for your career to end. You know how much I love your work. Problems with the spine (for those that are healthy) are all encompassing. Nothing...
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    Starting out, confused about a lot of things

    Obviously *my* way isn't the only way. They just happen to work very well for the way I go about things. Please let me know if any of the above doesn't make sense, I'll do my best to clarify.
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    Best natural to prevent mold and cracks on leather sheaths

    Coconut oil and beeswax. The coconut oil helps with mold and the wax gives you a fantastic water resistance and mellow finish. Emulsify the two in a double boiler. Get the ratio so that the finish stays solid at room temperature, but melts with the friction from rubbing it into the leather...
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    Wrong hole

    Yup, don't fret too much. I've used a groover to make a decorative line to swallow up the errant hole, but it's not really necessary. As Paul said, the hole will mostly go away with a little massaging. :)
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    15 minutes...

    When I first read this thread I decided to give the concept a go. The advice here, even if you use your 15 minutes for design or something else entirely, is one of the bits of advice that has impacted my work the most. I'm always thinking about the customer, his needs, and those precious 15...
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    Much Such Marathon

    A dingo ate my baby! Sorry, couldn't help it. :) I have about 300 comments about the stuff in this thread, but I'll forget 299 of them as I type. :( So much win in this thread it's silly. First, nice Henry! I need to pick up something like that to teach my girls how to shoot. I bet...
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    Travel cutlery case

    Pure class on this one. Just lovely. I agree with Dave about stitch count. Looks like it's about 5spi? If so, 7spi would look great. Only thing about tight stitches is that you need to be careful when pulling them tight. I've had the thread cut through the leather and that's a huge bummer...
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    you get what you paid for or don't be an idiot

    Haha, yeah I'm afraid I'll need to bow out from time to time. :( As for the supplies, you let me worry about that. :) I just want to make sure that I proceed in the smartest way possible.
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    Starting out, confused about a lot of things

    For some reason I can't edit my post. Here are a couple more pics.
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    Starting out, confused about a lot of things

    My battery is about to die, but in terms of sanding and edge finishing allow me to recommend that you look at Nigel Armitage's burnisher and sanding drum combo. You'll need a buffer with 1/2" arbors. I haven't been able to use mine yet, but it's obviously a high quality kit. The kit is...
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    Wet forming a pouch sheath after its made

    Yeah definitely. You can mold around the ricasso to keep the knife from bottoming out. I use warm water inside the sheath like VP, but I wet the entire thing (you can go very sparingly on the outside) just so that you don't get water staining. Nice knife and sheath. :)
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    you get what you paid for or don't be an idiot

    I guess that's what I love so much about the Hide House Premium DS leather. Finding your supplier isn't easy (at least for me), but it's a joy when you do. I tried a small number of suppliers and wasn't happy until Dave got me hooked up. My first supplier was Springfield Leather and their...
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    16oz leather for a sheath?

    That's some pretty heavy stuff. In my opinion it's unnecessary. I guess it depends on the knife as well as the type of sheath construction. Way too thick for a pouch, but it's possible for a very heavy knife in a stacked style sheath. My first sheaths were constructed using 8/9oz leather, but...