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  1. shortwinger

    Found missing kukri!!!

    The chair has a hinged seat but I rarely touch it so I had no idea. As to how they got there, all I’ll say is that “someone” must have cleaned and put them there without telling me.
  2. shortwinger

    Found missing kukri!!!

    Today I had to reach up in the top of a closet and used an old antique chair that seemed way too heavy. As I tried to figure out why it was so heavy I found a hidden compartment and in it was two kukri I thought I had lost about 18 months ago! The one on top is my first kukri, a Jungle model I...
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    Yes woodsman
  4. shortwinger

    Jason Knight Khukuri Reviews and Competition

    There were several problems with this whole endeavor. It starts with doing a test on kukri blades that are not of the same type. It’s like saying we are going to test a knife and then using blades blades ranging from pocket knives to machetes and trying to draw a conclusion. Obviously this...
  5. shortwinger

    Jason Knight Khukuri Reviews and Competition

    Slow train to nowhere! This was ill conceived and poorly executed, and thats being very generous…
  6. shortwinger

    What makes For A Good First Knife?

    Sounds like you hunt, I would get your son a good deer knife like a Buck 105, 110, or a Grohmann #1. That way when he gets tired of being outside again you can borrow his knife when you hunt his land. While you’re at it, get him a good chest freezer and a vacuum sealer.
  7. shortwinger

    Favorite production hunter?

    Some of my favorites are: Grohmann #1 & #3 Buck 105 & 119 (although outside your parameters, the 110) Cold Steel Master Hunter & Canadian Belt Knife. Outdoor Edge with gut hook and Old Hickory Hunting Knife.
  8. shortwinger

    Let’s see the True Buck users. Pics please.

    My Pathfinder processing a cottontail, my 110 is on my duty belt, and a Canoe in my pocket.
  9. shortwinger

    Old khukuri question, to sharpen or not to sharpen?

    Absolutely one of the worst fakes I’ve seen. I especially love it being marked “Khukuri” on the blade. It would be like marking “knife” on a knife blade, “gun” on a barrel of a gun, or “car” written on the drivers door of your vehicle! The markings are all horrible and do not line up with...
  10. shortwinger

    Hi Everyone !

    Welcome Brice! It’s a fun forum, hope you enjoy.
  11. shortwinger

    You win a contest and you're able to choose your prize knife from the following. Which do you choose?

    CS Trail Master for me. I have the SK5 version and love it.
  12. shortwinger

    Better game knife, Buck 105/103 pro vs Kabar Becker BK62

    With the knife choices given and tasks stated, the 105 would be the choice ”for me.” The BK62 is a dedicated bush-crafting knife and the 103 is a short wide bladed skinner. The 105 is a superb all around hunting blade and is very good at processing small and large game. Are there better knives...
  13. shortwinger

    UPDATE - Need Some Tomahawk Help

    Check out 2Hawks tomahawks. They are rock solid and made in the US.
  14. shortwinger

    Seeking information/Canadian Belt Knife (well, sort of)

    I absolutely love the Grohmann’s, I have the #1 & #3. I also have a CS Canadian Belt knife and while it is a very good blade, it lacks the character of the Grohmann. I use the #3 as a work/hunting/utility blade and it has yet to let me down. In my opinion, they are worth every penny.
  15. shortwinger

    Recommendation? Kukri/Khukuri Custom

    I got my first kukri in 2009 or 2010 from , it was a Jungle model with NKH engraved on the blade. Still have it and use it today. Good blade, good steel, and hold a very good edge. Another good Khukuri house is Kukri Palace . I asked them for a few customs they...
  16. shortwinger

    Knives you have most fun with

    For many of the discussions on this forum like super steel densities and molecular structures my eyes gloss over, but when you say which knives are the most fun, for me this is easy. My spirit blade!
  17. shortwinger

    Gurkha Kukri - ‘working grade’

    My first kukri was a Jungle model, which is the field version of the Service No.1, BSI or BAS. I love it and still use it today but if I had to use this model I would prefer the one often called the “Original” model, or the first run of the MkIV’s. I have one from Tora Blades that is outstanding...