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  1. Josh Muller

    Most likely been done before but....

    well if your gonna allow the moask - then i'd probably go for the magnum version as well...
  2. Josh Muller

    himalayan imports, some rare some standards

    bump i'd also be interested in a canon 50mm f2.5 macro, or a canon 50mm f1.4 lens....
  3. Josh Muller

    Most likely been done before but....

    keep in mind that the public defender, while very good at maintaining blade stability under extremely abusive situations, will not slice through heavy material as well as the thinner blades. by thinner i dont necessarily mean thinner then 3/16" thick, i mean in overal geometry. the pub...
  4. Josh Muller

    A little OT. What Busse would you use to skin THIS!

    i dont know how fast a 9ft snake can travel (though i assume its pretty fast), but it would seem that you could probably get away from it if if you saw it coming. maybe that wasnt the case - but i try not to kill snakes. they serve a valuable purpose in this life - lowering the amount of...
  5. Josh Muller

    edge stability vs edge retention : 52100 vs 1.2% forged carbon (Zubeng)

    common thought of the time is in reference to a majority, not necessarily every individual. if you have a majority of 60%, you will hear one side more then the other, but only be a reletively small margin. if nothing else, i always enjoy his general lack of sarcasm. i agree that name calling...
  6. Josh Muller

    it has been long enough!

    i've had no complaints so far :) the first set i got were useless as needle nose pliers, as the fron 1/4" didnt actually make contact on the pliars. i tried sanding it down and hand grinding teeth (a complete failure), and leatherman still sent me a new set. i ended up breaking the tip...
  7. Josh Muller

    Looking for a little history

    if thats the same one, i remember thathamguy mentioning seeing it at a show but being to weary of it to buy it? there has been some question about that particular blade as to wether it was enlarged at the custom shop, or 3rd party... i dont remember if the answer ever came up or not though...
  8. Josh Muller

    Is anyone else going to obliterate a pumpkin

    i was cutting up a pumpking with an ak47. there are 2 cuts on the pumpkin itself visible at the bottom of the picture, creating the base for the seed to rest on. the seed having been cut in half during the initial cut.
  9. Josh Muller

    probably not in the right place, but...

    the scrapper 6 is a full flat grind fixed blade. with the full flat grind, there are 2 seperate bevels on the knife, the main primary bevel that makes up most of the visible surface of the knife, and the cutting edge bevel, wich is what you grind on to sharpen the knife. on most knives...
  10. Josh Muller

    Stop Selling Your Busses!!!

    and all this erasing of sale prices bussiness.... killing me!! when busse, combat, grade, high, ordinance, and satin arent search options (do to to many results, common use, etc) it makes it really hard to track down sales, and then to find no price :(
  11. Josh Muller

    himalayan imports, some rare some standards

    it doesnt appear as though i've received your email, try emailing me at SethMurdoc --- @hotmail. --- com or SethMurdoc --- @comcast. --- net
  12. Josh Muller

    himalayan imports, some rare some standards

    slight price reduction on falcata
  13. Josh Muller

    Liliputianganzaaaa Question Knige #5

    if its not a game warden then its an active duty with a highly modified handle. i'm going to say that its a game warden based off of it having a gw handle
  14. Josh Muller

    Ganza model questions (please refer to #s)

    it does look like the basic 6 - however it has the rat style handle instead of the basic handle. so these are iether old blanks with the newer more available rat handles, or new blades made to have these features??????? were there any basic 6's made with rat style handles previous to this that...
  15. Josh Muller

    Ganza model questions (please refer to #s)

    the talon hole is definitely looks like a busse becuase of the hole itself, and because rats tend to have a slight point instead of a perfectly round outer edge. edited out - always good to check badmojo. dont know what im talking about when i said care taker, that was an e-handled model.
  16. Josh Muller

    Bolsters and more bolsters

    alright, so... heres a ghettorific drawing of what the current vs. proposed bolsters that im seeing here. so far the only additional suggestion i've seen is the integral bolster, wich i think would be very difficult for the khami's to do, without making the blade thinner then it normally is...
  17. Josh Muller

    Bolsters and more bolsters

    i appologize if im trying to have people reiterate things that have been said and shown a thousand times, but i have a limited knowledge of these things, so much of what is being said is flying over my head. without first knowing the basic construction of most khukuries (visuals are always...
  18. Josh Muller

    Bolsters and more bolsters

    initially there was no gaurd present, it was just the handle slabs, then the 2 peices of filler wood with the brass cover plate molded and brazed over it. the bolster ended at the ricasso with laha showing, rather then metal covering it. i use the photo's with the gaurd because they do a...
  19. Josh Muller

    Bolsters and more bolsters

    for those who have a good knowledge of handle construction and the strength of the various designs and methods of production - but do not know the common handle to bolster set ups that HI uses, it may be worth posting a few pics of what is generally going to be found from khukuri to khukuri...