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  1. CWL

    Can anyone identify this Japanese looking knife.

    It is Chinese, but it isn't a "cleaver". It is a basic Chinese kitchen knife used in most "Han" Chinese kitchens as their everything knife, oftentimes it is their only kitchen knife. To European eyes, these may have a western cleaver shape, but they are multifunctional kitchen knives. They...
  2. CWL

    Blood stains on stag??

    That's a lot of pith. It's like a crusty sponge and will only compress or break apart over time and needs to be filled-in with a hardener. I suggest something like a clear wood hardener.
  3. CWL

    Is CPM-3V supposed to rust this quickly?

    So you have a knife that survives your admitted abuse, and yet you knock the brand's quality before you complain that a non-stainless blade has been purposely stained?
  4. CWL

    MTech MX-8130 Tanto, loose guard.

    It's an MTech, do whatever you want to it. Consider it a practice knife for modding & messing around with because it'll never become anything reliable.
  5. CWL

    Help me pick a knife from these options please!

    First fixed blade ... outdoors survival knife? Get the Mora because you won't care about banging on it or scratching it up as well as making mistakes when learning how to use it. It'll actually look better the more it gets used. The Buck's fine but it looks too nice and you may not want to...
  6. CWL

    Does anybody do sheaths for rubber knives?

    How about making a wood blank and using that to form a simple kydex sheath?
  7. CWL

    A new Bushcraft knife from Seki Japan.

    No worries. If they get used the same as most people "bushcraft" in the US, they'll get no more than a bit of batoning before careful cleaning and a trip home.
  8. CWL

    Is there such a thing - knife that was sharpened too much ?

    Just throwing some gas on the fire! Here's a brand new Granton brand boning knife showing the edge. The oval cuts alternate on each side of the blade.
  9. CWL

    Is there such a thing - knife that was sharpened too much ?

    I wouldn't say that any of the knives above have been sharpened too much. They've been sharpened as often as necessary to keep an edge on them. Knives are supposed to get smaller.
  10. CWL

    Black stonewashed finish

    DLC is not the same as PVD. DLC is a process of coating something with almost diamond hard carbon, while PVD can put a variety of materials onto the blade surface. I'd bet that DLC is harder & lasts longer than PVD coatings.
  11. CWL

    Decent katana up to $ 350

    Be realistic and understand that you don't have the funds yet for a "real" katana. Save until you can afford something that won't look like garbage or snap and endanger yourself or others. Until then, may I suggest:
  12. CWL

    Fixed blade knife help

    I can't fault you for wanting more knives, but I still can't see any knife capable of sharpening stakes and field-dressing game to be delicate enough to lop mushrooms. Perhaps a double blade set like how some puukkos are sold as a "big & small". Something like this, and I'd even have smaller...
  13. CWL

    Fixed blade knife help

    I think you should get a dedicated mushroom knife and separate one for your other needed tasks. Mushroom knives are best with thin blades and a hooked profile. Trying to cut a mushroom stalk with a big, beveled prybar will only crush it.
  14. CWL

    Recommendation? Help Identify

    IIRC, jambiyas were presented to a son on his 14th birthday, the year he officially is recognized as a man. These knives are carried for life and usually cost several years salary or more (the ones using rhino horn grips are sold by the gram weight!) So unless your grandpa helped out a prince...
  15. CWL

    Where are these swords from?

    I've seen how some forgeries were made in China, they'd throw fake blades & coins into a hole, pee into it and bury it for a few weeks-to-months.
  16. CWL

    Recommendation? The best survival / daily chef's knife?

    The best kitchen knives are carbon steel and thin. They don't have bevels but are typically flat ground. Outdoors knives would need to be thicker. They do different things. Perhaps you should look at some of the stainless Bark River knives which are convex ground and have no coatings. Maybe...
  17. CWL

    Recommendation? Help Identify

    It is indeed a Jambiya, but it is a tourist version, not a real one that you would see tucked into the waist sash of an Arab or North African. Search for pictures of Jambiyas online and you will see authentic ones. Real ones will usually have a raised spine forged down the center of the...
  18. CWL

    Where are these swords from?

    Look, they are all reproductions, especially bad ones at that. They are garbage in terms of quality & cosmetic appeal. These are definitely from China, lower-end ones at that because China can make really nice ones which sell for thousands. You can post even more pics if you like, but they're...
  19. CWL

    Where are these swords from?

    I wouldn't call them fakes since they are kinda sword-like, but I would call them very bad reproductions. #3 even had some sort of etching that has been badly polished away. You want to know where they're from? -China
  20. CWL

    Return to Gilligan's Island...

    But if you had to use them underwater to fight enemy frogmen or meth gators, wouldn't they float to the top?