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    The Stout - AP - SOLD

    I'll take it please, Jack
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    SOLD: Little Adventurer in A2

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    Kitchen set

    An absolutely beautiful set, Matthew!
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    Withdrawn. Clip point Damascus hunter

    Beautifully done, Matthew!
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    EDC - Sheepfoot - SOLD

    A great little knife, Jack!
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    San Mai EDC

    Very nicely done!
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    [ALL SOLD] BMKT, Gallardo (2), LT Wright

    I’ll take the Wright, please.
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    *SOLD*A.G.Russell titanium Funny Folder- "Storm Cloud"

    It is "pretty darn cool"!
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    Maringer styled Haiku knife

    Absolutely amazing, Bob!
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    SOLD Forged Black walnut Bird and Trout style

    A handsome knife; welcome aboard!
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    Shadow Pattern Birdseye Clip Point

    A beauty, indeed!