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  1. Pahtoocara

    SOLD Tops Silent Hero

    Payment sent. Thanks
  2. Pahtoocara

    SOLD Tops Silent Hero

    I’ll take it.
  3. Pahtoocara

    Spyderco Domino

    I'll take the NIB Spyderco C11FPBK Delica FFG Blk - $55.
  4. Pahtoocara

    ::SOLD:: Benchmade Balisongs 32 and 42 ::SOLD::

    I'm dropping the 42 down to my rock bottom, no haggle price. I doubt you'll find one in this condition for less. It's a great balisong for your collection or to flip.
  5. Pahtoocara

    ::SOLD:: Benchmade Balisongs 32 and 42 ::SOLD::

    Mini Morpho is SPF. PM me and we will work out the details.
  6. Pahtoocara

    ::SOLD:: Benchmade Balisongs 32 and 42 ::SOLD::

    Benchmade 42 T-latch (bottom): SOLD Classic balisong. Very good condition. Flipped very little. Not carried except a few times. Solid knife. No box, no papers. Benchmade 32 Mini-Morpho (top): SOLD EDC'd for a while. Minor wear/scuffs. Small discoloration marks on blade, typical of these D2...
  7. Pahtoocara

    Benchmade 42S Balisong ::WITHDRAWN::

    Back into the collection for now.
  8. Pahtoocara

    Benchmade 42S Balisong ::WITHDRAWN::

    LAST PRICE DROP before this goes back into the collection! $WITHDRAWN
  9. IMG_0071


    Spyderco Dragonfly
  10. Pahtoocara

    USA Made Blade Hinderer Half Track Giveaway!

    Dragonfly ;) IMG_0071 by Pahtoocara posted Aug 20, 2017 at 6:26 PM
  11. Pahtoocara

    Benchmade 42S Balisong ::WITHDRAWN::

    For Sale: Benchmade 42S Balisong T-latch. Used in very good condition. No box/papers. $$$WITHDRAWN
  12. Pahtoocara

    Congratulations Spark!!!

  13. Pahtoocara

    Knives with sick grinds!

    Rich Derespina (Derespina Knives) Kris Short Sword Prototype, 154cm, 1/4" thick 18" overall length
  14. Pahtoocara

    Knives with sick grinds!

  15. Pahtoocara

    Cikal's Kukris

    I really like the Kujang. Very pretty.
  16. Pahtoocara

    New Koyote Machete (Pic Heavy)

    Very, very nice.
  17. Pahtoocara

    Blackhawk Tatang.

    Nice review. I've always like the looks of the knife,just never had a need for it. Maybe I'll make a need for it now!