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    Machete handle shaping

    Do you reshape the basic Imacasa injected polypropylene handle of the style shown? Since the blade requires work before use perhaps work on the handle is intended too?
  2. T

    Ontario Machete discussions

    Sorry if I missed it but I didn't see a machete specific category. Also, am I missing something about the sharpness of a machete blade ? I say, the sharper the better. Anyways, something that has always puzzled me is when I hear people say that machete's are not supposed to be hair popping...
  3. M

    Joe Flowers machete book?

    Was this book ever published?

    Photos Please help identify my Machete.

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can tell me little more about the machete I got since 1990. It looks to me as some of the Condor flavors but I'm not very familiar with the machetes. I've being using it a lot, in and out. Never had problems with the rust, it's threated with Ospho and the "rust" you...
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    Machete edges: toothy or polished?

    There are many threads on toothy versus polished edges but not one specific to machetes. Generally a more polished edge is recommended for push cuts and testing indicates a polished edge lasts longer in this use, just as a toothy edge lasts longer is draw cuts. Apart from a swept or hooked...
  6. C

    A machete isn’t a sword and a panabas isn’t a machete

    I know there will never be a Filipino weapons forum here, but I’m still holding my breath for a Machete sub forum someday
  7. David Mary

    David Mary Titanium Machete

    I have received a billet of BT23 Russian body armor alloy, hardened by our very own @Mecha of Mad Science Forge. I am using it to make a two handed slightly upswept machete. It's almost done. I'll show pics here, and then take it out for a bash in the bush and share the footage ASAP.
  8. E

    Who has broken a machete?

    Machetes are usually very thin carbon steel heat treated between 50-60 rc. Ive pounded on Martindales, Tramontinas, Cold steel, Ontario and others, dented a few edges, and filed them back to sharp But has anyone actually snapped one, and if so how? I see people here bangin on about high alloy...
  9. D

    Cold Steel machete identification help father-in-law handed down suitcases filled with various weaponry, and I am still finding boxes. Can anyone help me with these two machetes.? I'm using the water bottle for reference for size.. I would like to know if you know anything about either of these machetes because I can't find...
  10. David Mary

    SOLD - Sabervex machete

    This sword-like machete is AEB-L, and is light for its size. The low sabervex grind is strong, but still tapers nice and thin, down to .008" behind the edge for most of the length of the blade; this will cut very well for you, while preserving full thickness of the nearly 1/8" stock the entire...
  11. tyyreaun

    Gerber Double Down Folding Machete (price drop!)

    For sale: Gerber Double Down Folding Machete - $80 SOLD (includes G&S fees + shipping) - Excellent condition - used a handful of times on light duty tasks. Has some scuffs to show for it, but nothing serious - All mechanical bits are fully functional - safety locks, pivots, etc. - 6.75" blade in...
  12. C

    Broken Machete Thrower

    In my quest to get a Machete subgroup added; I'm stinking up other groups with machete related posts. This video represents my existential dread of growing older and less capable; while at the time illustrating that machetes are so awesome that even when they are broken they still kick ass.
  13. M

    Jake Hoback Choppa and Machete - Brand New

    Brand new Hoback Choppa - $275 and Machete - sold
  14. E

    Warcraft Tanto vs Mora Companion, Tramontina machete and Fiskars axe?

    ...And they vere wery vocal about what do they think I should have (the same that they have). So, are they right and Mora Companion, Tramontina machete + some axe is the best combo there is and I'm just a mall ninja who wasted his money on overpriced mall ninja knife? Or there's no issue with...
  15. K

    Photos Vintage Gebr. Weyersberg Corneta No.35 machete

    Latest find is this vintage Gebr. Weyersberg Corneta No.35 machete, made in Solingen. It's going to get both a new handle and a new convex edge. Specs: Overall length: 28.74 inches (73 cm) Blade length: 23.62 inches (60 cm) Weight: 495 grams The blade tapers from 2.54 mm just before...
  16. C

    Makara machete (video)

    Not really a traditional review (not that my"traditional " reviews are traditional) but I do chop stuff with it for two minutes. This thing is just great.
  17. W

    Bought a Military surplus machete! (Ontario Knife Co)

    Bought this blade about a month ago. Very high quality and good for cutting down small trees in my woods!
  18. K

    CS Katana Machete or Honshu Spartan?

    Hello I hope you are all doing well. Like the title says I want to purchase a nice machete and I can't decide wether i should buy the CS Tactical Katana Machete (1055) or the Honshu Spartan Sword (7Cr13). The first purpose will be decoration so looks matter. I think they look both quite cool but...
  19. David Mary

    Barax Machete in action

    Friends, anyone who has already purchased a Barax machete, you are also welcome to post pics and videos in this thread. Videos of the machete in action either in the woods, in the garden, in the yard, in martial arts practice, etc. We want to see it all! So with no further ado, here is the...