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Oct 5, 1998
Where do I go to find the stuff that 007 would carry on his person. I work in a area that knives and such are frowned upon. I love small little weapons that come in disguise. Where do I shop for this sort of thing?
Ryan; my daughter is married to an ex-spook. When she asks him questions like yours, or about his activities, he (jokingly) says, 'I would be glad to tell you, but I would have to kill you afterward.'

Really, you can't get the latest stuff. You can certainly get quite a lot, however, just look for it. Walt
Cool site. I think i could spend hours! Oh dear. I've *gotta* get out more.
After buying your 4.5 litre Bentley, Aston Martin DB4 or BMW Z3, try getting an Omega
Seamaster and also check WWW.bladerigger.com . The V-Gar system and Credit Card
Blade would definitely get Ian Flemming's approval.
www.newwatches.com have those Omega Seamaster watches on sale right now.