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100 Days of Savings, Day 100: Emerson CQC-12 SF


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Mar 1, 2000
We're moving to a new location in a couple months, so we're going to offer a different item up at a steep discount every day until we transition to the new shop.

The first day starts off with a bang! Take another $40 off our already low price on the Emerson CQC-12-SF, Satin Finish, Plain Edge!
MSRP is $450.00, our regular price is $279.99, your price during the 100 Days of Savings? $239.99!* Just click the above link, or enter coupon code 100DAYS-EK-CQC-12-SF during checkout!

From Ernest Emerson: "I have always admired the AK-47 bayonet. I have used them for years in the field, usually to smash something open or pry something apart. Well, I finally got around to designing a folding version. The CQC-12 is brutishly strong, has a bank vault .125 inch thick lock, and feels like a fixed blade in your hand. I don't think you can get much tougher or stronger than this one. This is not a general utility knife. This is an Abrams Tank with sharp edges.​
More info here:
*price valid while supplies last, this product will not be backordered.
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Jun 5, 2007
I will take one of the CQC-12's at $239.99. I'll call tomorrow about what is in stock. If you guys get this first, please email or PM me to let me know if you have a black coated plain edge. A Satin Plain edge is fine with me, but a black coated one would be preferred. Thanks in advance, J.

edit: I'll take any combination whether it be combo edge, plain edge, black coated, satin finish, blue, purple :D. So if you have one I'll take it :thumbup:.
Do you guys take paypal?
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