100 years from now ?

Dec 27, 2003
Hey Guys, 100 years from now, what will knives "look" like in general ? Please give your opinions. Will they be the same shapes ? Will the fixed blades/folders look like they do now, with the same flat/hollow grinds, recurves ect. ?
If you think about it, how many more ways can we change designs, colors, shapes of blades ect., or is it possible that we just can not see this now ?
I think there will continually be additions to, and subtractions from knives and knife mechanical parts, to make knives open close and lock in different ways, but to change shapes, designs and colors ? Can we do this ?
..... Food for thought :D .

Robbie Roberson. ;)
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May 5, 2004
They will be classic slipjoints like stockmans, because the laws will restrict carrying anything that locks or can be opened with one hand etc etc.. :mad:

Sorry, to hijack the thread, but to get back on topic...

I think multi-tools with knives will tend to increase in popularity, as long as the knives continue to become more like a real knife... so I'm thinking they might go in the multi-tool direction...


Jul 16, 2003
Lightsaber all the way! I would like to reserved one in red too, pls. Now all I have to do is to sign up for some human freezing lab and have them defrost me precisely on Jan 1, 2104 so I can play with my new toy. :D

Seriously, I see something which has a more primitive look and design in the future, more ergonomic handle and overall blade shape for the hands - much like the blades in the stone age. Generally bigger belly for the knives too. For some reasons I think the lock-backs will stay but I doubt about the liner locks.
Sep 3, 2004
Excellent Thread! If you think about how far knives have come in the last 100 years, that gives you an idea of where they might go from here! Although, that being said, many traditional knives are essentially the same as they were back then, just maybe in some cases being offered with better materials.

I tend to agree that Multi-Tools will probably see the greatest amount of change and progress. They are still a relatively new idea in the world of knives, and in most cases still have a lot of room for improvement and changes! As long as we have the Good ol' Victorinox crankin out knives, and good quality Factory made stuff that is affordable for everyone, then I will be a happy camper! Lets all just be sure that we continue to support our American Cutlery companies, so we don't have to see any others go the way of Schrade in our lifetimes! Who would have thought this 100 year old company, that brought so many great advancements to us knife lovers/users, would ever close their doors? I just want to see ALL the companies that are currently offering great knives STAY IN BUSINESS, with other companies not yet existing having an environment of friendly competition and loyal customers. We can all influence the changes in our knives and knife companies, be it for the good or bad!

Sorry for the long post, but this was an important question! :) And oh yeah, I think the quest for better blade steels will be at the top of most manufacturers lists!
Apr 7, 2003
I think they'll be threads of monomolecular wire held in place by a stasis field. :D

Seriously, though, I think that the basic knife will be much as we see it today, and that the big advances will be in materials. At some point, the old "carbon vs stainless" debate will end because the stainless will outperform carbon in every respect.

Dunno if it will be 100 years from now, but eventually with nanotechnological devices, you'll have a little vat of micromachines that will build a knife to your desired shape out of the materials you feed into it. You could still sharpen the knife, but you could also just stick it back in the vat and tell the machines to add and remove atoms until it fit the original configuration again, which means the knife would never wear out. In this kind of future scenario, knifemakers would no longer need to actually physically make knives, they would be more like software programmers. For example, Jerry Busse could design a knife, then you could download the design from his website and use your nano"printer" to make one for yourself. Other people would try to hack his encryption so they could put the design up on Kazaa for other folks to download.

Edited to add: With this same technology, there's no end to the customization we could see. You could have your hand measured, and every knife you have built could have scales/handles custom built to fit your hand. Heck, this could probably be done now with computer controlled milling machines.
Mar 26, 2004
I agree that form will still meet function - esssentially shapes will be the same. Materials will progress significantly, and locks will probably develope as well, based on the strengths of the materials. Lockbacks require springs, Axis locks require omega springs, liner locks require a certain quality of material, etc. I think one might see electronics incorporated into knives somedany, but this will be secondary to the knife's primary function.

"Edited to add: With this same technology, there's no end to the customization we could see. You could have your hand measured, and every knife you have built could have scales/handles custom built to fit your hand. Heck, this could probably be done now with computer controlled milling machines."

We already have "futuristic" production methods. What FoxHoleAtheist seems to be getting at is that we will find cheaper and more efficient methods of carrying out production. I think he's right.

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Apr 9, 2004
I don't think there are many more ways of designing a knife that hasn't already been done. But you never know, someone is always coming up with something different every year. (right Robbie :D ) I think the technology in steels and other materials for knife manufacture is what is in the futures agenda. Also faster ways of manufacture would also be on the list.


Oct 14, 2004
I would say that with all that's going on in manufacturing, computers and home equipment we have a lot to look forward to. The price of having custom knives make that fit your hand perfect and have the blade materials and designs that you want will be very low price compared to today I would think. New materials other then metal will be used more, we have space, war, racing and other industries to feed us.

But on the other hand in 100 years this all could be long gone in a world war, or environmental disaster. Then if man is still here we my be back to chipping stones for our knives.
Sep 2, 2003
Here's a nasty thought, maybe things will have developed in such a way that knives will no longer be needed and nobody will bother making them anymore except a few eccentric individuals who do it for novelty value. :confused:
Nov 20, 2000
BlindedByTheLite said:
they'll be lasers engineered to be incapable of cutting human flesh.
Implanted below the skin of a finger, or attached to fingernail. :rolleyes:
Unless, of course they are implanted into our eyeballs. :eek:


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Jun 29, 1999
By 2104 our knives will use nano technology to self sharpen. Every cut you make will benefit from a perfect edge; the dull knife would be a throw back to the twenty-first century.

Apr 1, 2001
Knife = multi tool with LED light, specifically built to fit your hand, and with the ability to add "specialty tools" that meet your particular requirements (e.g. law enforcement, military, paramedic, etc.). Material will be S30Vonite, which will be a blend of S30V and Talonite, only better.

Coffee maker and thermos will add bulk, and will only be conisdered by the "gadget" crowd.
Feb 17, 1999
Hmmmmm, a hundred years from now.

I figure there'll be way fewer people, some in cabins they create, some in cave, some in tipi... trying to find meat and bugs and edible plants.

And all of them will finding rust steel, and they'll try to heat it hot enough to hammer it to a preferable shape, then heat whatever type of steel they're using, to get it up to good, hard steel..., then shaping and sharpening, to give the people decent knives. :rolleyes: