2008 - Sebenza 21, 2012 - Sebenza 25, 2016 - Sebenza 29?

Nov 7, 2014
While I do have $50.00 saved up towards my Large Insingo (could be a while) I am wondering if there is any possibility for a Sebenza 29 to make it's debut in 2016 following the 4 year refresh cycle?
The 21 and 25 celebrated the 21st and 25th anniversary of the original Sebenza. If there is a new design in the offing it would be hard to say when it will come.
My guess would be a 30 would be more likely, but I know NOTHING about how CRK makes their decisions on this sort of thing...I am not sure anyone (other than CRK) really knows.
I don't know either. I just like to think a new one may be in the works but it's purely speculative at this point. I hope the 21 doesn't go the way of the regular if a new one does arrive though...at least not until I have enough in the piggy to buy my large Insingo!:thumbup::thumbup:
I agree with unit that 30 is more likely than 29, but then again I know nothing:)
I am still hoping for a small 25!!!!
I'm always anticipating the next new intro from CRK. I would love to see a new folder!
A small 25 would be awesome, or a 25 Insingo. I'm really drawn to the Insingo blade because it looks like it lends itself to cutting cardboard very well and I like the stout tip and swedge. I guess it's hard to perfect on the 21 though, so maybe they don't need to make a new one at all. But if they did happen to make a new one, I would prefer a pivot bushing like the 21 has. That's really the only thing pushing me from the 25, other than the fact you can't get one with Insingo.
If you like cutting cardboard, get a large serrated 21. The Insingo does a good job, but Serrations go through cardboard like butter!!!