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2nd gift of heaven: IWB balisong sheath


What's up dude? Know something funny? I've never been to your website before! Some sweet stuff there bro, and funny as hell. And yes, I've already added your page to my favorites!!

Anyway, Matt's awesome sheaths really do grow on you. His SOB sheath for my Mean Street is truly a 'classic'. I mean, who in their right mind carries a chunk of steel that weighs three thousand pounds? On the small of their back, no less? With Waxy's sheath, not only was it very comfortable to carry, but the knife is also very concealed. And it only took ONE day for me to get used to it!

I'm also an 'old school' balisong dude, but I'm definitely thinking of hooking up with one of those BM titanium balisongs, and when I do, it'll ride in a Waxy sheath, for sure!!