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2X72 Belt Grinder Raffle with entry prizes

Discussion in 'Giveaway, Contest & Raffle Forum' started by Black Fox Knife Works, Jun 12, 2018 at 4:59 PM.

  1. Black Fox Knife Works

    Black Fox Knife Works Dealer / Materials Provider Dealer / Materials Provider

    Jun 11, 2018
    We are raffling off our 3rd generation 2x72" belt grinder!

    Check out all the info at: https://blackfoxknifeworks.com/black-fox-one-gen-3-raffle
    and enter before the 4th of July.

    How it works:

    As we receive more entries the prize grows. Entries over $40 (2 tickets) will receive either a t-shirt or discounts for future orders. One winner will be announced on the 4th of July.


    Must have a United States address to be able to win.

    Progressive raffle goals:

    $0-$999 – Black Fox ONE Base

    $1000-$1999 – Black Fox ONE Base with VFD

    $2000-$3999 – Complete Black Fox ONE with contact platen and horizontal work rest

    $4000+ – Complete Black Fox ONE Pro with variable tensioning

    Entry Prizes:

    $40+ entry – T-Shirt

    $200+ entry – 10% off ($250 value) on one item. Valid for one year plus a t-shirt.

    $500+ entry – 15% off ($375+ value) for a year plus a t-shirt. (Order quantity not limited)

    $1000+ entry – 15% off (Unlimited value) for life plus a t-shirt. (Order quantity not limited)

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