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3" Hinderer DLT Exclusive M390(SOLD)


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Nov 16, 2012
DLT exclusive Hinderer 3" no choil slicer in M390. I have carried and used this knife for several months so it is a "User". It has been sharpened on my Wicked Edge. The blade favors the presentation side ever so slightly but the knife is still in great condition. Includes box and all original packaging. The bearings are currently installed and it is smooth as glass. I have a USA Made Blade Sasquatch filler tab installed; the original tab is included. $OLD includes all fees and shipping within lower 48 CONUS. I'll be glad to send additional pics if needed. If you've been wanting one of these or just wanted to try a Hinderer here's your chance at a significant discount! Thanks for looking!
IMG_0554.jpg IMG_0555.jpg IMG_0556.jpg IMG_0557.jpg IMG_0558.jpg IMG_0559.jpg IMG_0560.jpg IMG_0562.jpg IMG_0561.jpg
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