4 those who have not seen it 30% off


Nov 5, 2000
Just recieved this E-mail up-date from Grizzly today. Might be someone on the forum interested.

All you exotic wood lovers! Save 30% off all board length of Cocobolo, Lacewood, Bocote & Spanish Cedar. One week only so don't miss out! Come check us out at www.Grizzly.com for pricing and other great deals on machinery! Incredible summer sale prices on machines are also in effect! Internet orders only, Special ends July 22nd, 2001. Discounts are not valid in our Showrooms.

If you wish to remove your name from future announcements, please e-mail us at mailto:remove@grizzly.com and type "remove" in the subject line.

Thank you,

Grizzly Industrial, Inc.

As an asside. I plan to fire up the homemade forge this evening when the shadows get long. It's finnaly done. It's one of thoes minni forges built in a freon can as found on Ron Riel's internet site. Did a few things differently but it is basiclly the same results. May post pictures later if there is a stated interest. Hope to build a Natchez bowie for a first knife from the forge. Enjoying all the posts and good info. found on this site.

regards to all

Don't believe Grizzly,as they have no cocobolo in stock.I have had mine on order for four months and all I get from Grizzly is that it is backordered.Save your money,Dave.:mad:
Good luck with your forging, Gary! Be sure to keep us apprised of your progress. Pics??