$40 worth of sharpener

Oct 13, 1998
I have about $40 that I am planning to invest in a knife sharpener set. I was wondering if anyone had any SPECIFIC(not just personal preference) reasons for choosing between a spyderco sharpmaker or a set of eze-lap stones, including their rod for serated edges.
Amacks: For the money, you'd be best getting a DMT Diamond bench stone if you can keep an angle or are willing to learn how, you'll get the most versatility out of it. Otherwise, the Sharpmaker's a good choice. I've got both, among others and the DMT sees the most use by far. For starters, one in Fine grit is your best bet, not so coarse that you need a finishing stone, yet still removes material quickly enough to sharpen really dull knives in fairly short order.


The only reason I declined to comment on the Eze-Lap line is that I have no personal experience with them. Don't get me wrong, I've heard from many people that they are excellent products, I just chose to recommend something I have personal, and regular, experience with.