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550 Paracord Lanyards with Titanium Beads

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May 12, 2017
I have three types of 550 paracord lanyards with titanium beads for sale. See details along with photo below. Please pay via PayPal G&S to travis dot cottrell at gmail dot com

P.S. If you would like a different color cord, just message me first to see if I have it.

Black 550 Cord with Titanium Eagle Claw Microtech Bead - $19.99 (5 Available)
IMG_9595-1 by Travis Cottrell, on Flickr

Licorice 550 Cord with Black 95 cord accent and a Fluted Titanium Flame anodized bead $14.99 - (5 available)
IMG_9895 by Travis Cottrell, on Flickr

Black 550 Cord with Fluted Blue Anodized Titanium Alloy Bead $14.99 - (5 Available)
IMG_9899 by Travis Cottrell, on Flickr