750 Pinnacle

Mar 31, 1999
Considering buying this knife for utility use in a warehouse. Will not cut much rope but, will use on cardboard boxes, plastic straps etc. Should I look at the comboedge or plain? I'd like to hear some opinions. Any other knives I should look at in the $100.00 range?
How about a BM Axis .I think they are priced about the same.Spyderco Military,AFCK.I own all of these knives and find them to work well for the types of work that you are calling for.I was wanting a Pinicle at one time but turned away from it because I did'nt find one that worked good for me.What I mean is that I had a chance to fondle several one time and one was real stiff,one had a gap between the lock and blade ramp so there was play in it and another one's lock barely engaged the blade.I think it's a good idea to work a few before buying if possible.I've heard alot of good about this knife.This has just been my experiance.As far as serrations,I think they get in the way.A good aggressive toothy plain edge can cut just as good.
scott w
I have been carrying a Pinnacle for the last five days at work (field electronics tech/locksmith) at a major hotel/casino. I wanted a small Sebenza but I couldn't justify a 300 dollar knife for work. The Pinnacle is larger than I like but otherwise I like it. I have a plain edge. I have had a couple of serrated edges, but I now prefer plain edge. The serrated edges will cut cardboard or rope longer between sharpenings but the plain edge will do a wider variety of chores. Most people are upset by serrated edges. The Pinnacle I bought from ABC-D came in very good condition. I bought it new and it didn't have any QC problems. The clip is mounted high. The contrast between the dark grey titanium scales and the black blade, clip, and screws is classy. The lock is simple and Benchmade has a lifetime warranty. I condsidered an Axis but it is a little bigger and I liked the simplicity of the integral lock. I don't have an opinion yet of the cutting ability of the ATS 34 blade. It has a slight recurve, which I am not too fond of. A good knife for warehouse use might be a Spyderco Harpy. It has a curved blade and is available serrated. It is not a great knife for after work, as it will be cause for many comments. There is a G10 version and you might find a deal on the stainless handle version.

For me, the recurve on the edge of the
Pinnacle was one of the things which made
me choose it. To me it seems to make it
easier to cut many things with a plain
blade. (My main alternative was an Axis,
but it didn't feel quite right in my hand,
and the point is a bit too high for my
Haven't had it long enough to give a long
term report.

I have the model 750S. I prefer combo edges myself, I like having the best of both worlds! Don't care too much for a black blade on a grey handle. Doesn't look right to me. But the BT2 coating will increase it's rust resistance as well as smoothness of operation, I won't deny that!

I also have the Large Sebenza's as well. Just about the only thing the Sebenza has over the Pinnacle is the BG-42 steel Reeve uses for the blade. Other than that, I like the Benchmade Pinnacle more so for work because:
The recurve blade, the combo edge, the titanium handle is a little wider and looks nicer as well because there is no unsitely hole in the handle and Benchmade utilizes black Torx screws for the pivot and assembly which adds to it's looks. I like the Integral / Mono Lock better, too, it is the same thickness through out, not drilled out at the flex point like the Sebenza is.

Last but not least, the Benchmade Pinnacle is 1/3 rd the price.

I don't regret buying my large Sebenza's because I also collect knives for fun as well as to use. I don't plan on ever using the Sebenza's at all, can't justify a price of over 300 bucks to actually use them when you can get the Pinnacle's at a much more reasonable price!

Both are fine top shelf knives, but for the price, the Benchmade Pinnacle is the way to go. Remember, this is just IMO on what my likes and preferences are!


The Pinnacle is not drilled out at the flex point, but it is milled out. Take a good look. The Pinnacle is also tip down carry with the clip mounted very high, another plus.

Ah yes, tip down carry! Forgot to mention that, that is a BIG plus with me as well

Thanks for the reply Darrel!

Very nice ti knife indeed & I would love to have that bad boy so much, but a little too pricey for me right now especially when I have a written rule to buy more than one at a time!

Not to say your work isn't worth it, just would kill my pocket book and my wife may put me out in the dog house, too

This is one knife I guess I'll just have to dream about, at least for now !!!!!


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People -- Most of the time, that is! "

P.S. Sorry this thread went somewhat off the topic!

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