A big thanks to Toooj

Nov 6, 2007
I would like to thank toooj for showing up again for the second year of the WNY gathering. For the second year in a row he showed up with a pretty darn nice stock of Ka-Bars and Beckers. Paul spent most of the day with us and he made some new friends. He was throwing knives and hawks and he even talked me into throwing my custom BK-2. I now have to rehandle it because I chipped the handles. I will be posting a bunch of pictures in W & SS. Paul thanks a bunch, lets see if we can get you here for the weekend next year. We all hope someday Ethan will make it. Doug
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Here, here! Thanks for making the trip. I hope you don't mind that I kept that spoon as a souvenier! :thumbup::D

It was my pleasure. It was good to see you guys again and to meet the new comers.
Lone Gunman; great leek dip!
John G; thats okay, you started the spoon, I just finished it up for you.
Doug; Sorry for the broken handles...now you can rehaft with some different wood.
Start bugging Ethan early and you might have a chance.

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Paul Tsujimoto
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