A fair evaluation in Tactical Knives--what's this?

Upon opening my tactical knives magazine this weekend I was surprised to read what seemed to me a "fair" evaluation of the REKAT Carnivore. It was as if they'd heard us griping and moaning about the "soft" nature of their knife evaluations and overall loyalty to knife companies despite the various lemons they occasionally produce; that's not to say that the Carnivore is a lemon by any means. Steven Dick commented on its difficult opening due to the constant lock tension of the blade, described the handle as being only "adequate" as it, like subhilts, are not condusive to versatility for all style grips, and he also commented that the stonewash finish gave it a "sloppy" appearance. He of course found the lock to be bomb proof, and sharpness and edgeholding was so so. I'm a huge fan of this knife, and though I'd probably change a few things at the production table like fit, finish, and the clip, it's still my most trusted folder. The point is, is it the dawn of a new day at Tactical Knives? Have they caught on to their own complacency and are the attempting to make ammends? Some of the other articles are really good and on the fair side too. Check out Janitch's review of Cold Steel, and of Lynn Thompson's "fire and brimstone" sale tactics. This one made me laugh a little. I was really hoping that eventually I'd be buying knife mags for more than oggling the pretty pictures. Maybe other mags will follow.


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Wow! What's next, a review of a handmade knife that actually includes constructive criticism? Naw, I must be dreaming... I'm glad to hear about this change, though. I haven't bought a knife rag in over a year, but maybe if this continues...

Oct 3, 1998
Maybe REKAT didn't pay there advertising fees quick enough so TK panned em LOL.

May I make an obseravation?

Bob Taylor of REKAT is a moderator for BladeForums.

Steven Dick drops by and reads this stuff regularly.

Maybe you could look at the tone of your comments.

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I really doubt if Bob or Steve will be offended by anything they read in this forum. Strider`s remarks echo the cynicism MANY of us feel towards magazine reviews that tend to lob too many softballs at the major manufacturers. That`s why I love this forum. You can count on honest opinions on knives that most of us spend our own money on! (I know I don`t get any freebies!) I really do rely on people here to be honest and not particularly PC. Keep saying it like it is!
I haven't said anything I wouldn't say to Mr. Dick's face. I have also written to Bud Lang, editor of KI (also a forum member), and his response left little doubt with me that the advertisers decide what gets reviewed and how. That's when I gave up on knife magazines. Thank goodness for the unsolicited commentary of folks on Bladeforums.

Sometimes the lack of a review indicates an inferior or substandard knife. It is policy at many magazines to avoid a bad review by simply not publishing an article on a tool that is just not up to snuff.

I know that gun mags run on the same policy, exept for Arafatski Phil and the people of the long out of print Gun Tests Magazine! I sure do miss those guys.

In this case, no news is bad news. -Brian
Personally, I like Steve Dick's use of the editing pen.

Sure, advertisers are the most viable means of keeping a magazine in business by providing the funds to maintain a presentable publication, but that beef should probably be discussed with the publisher instead of the editor.

Steve has a pretty good policy of not letting junk get in the magazine and even pissed a few folks off with some of his 'On the Point' editorials cocerning this issue. (according to the letters to the editor)

I'm not writing this because he's published a couple of my articles, rather the articles he hasn't published. I would safely assume that a publication like TK turns down way more junk and advertising articles than the good ones it prints. In the meantime, to pay the light bill, you have to apply ink to pages.

I also know Steve's integrity via email conversations, and the honesty put forth by a couple of his regular writers. Lots of articles I disagree with, but that's due to my personal opinions. TK remains to be the magazine best suited to my area of interest. Just my 2 cents - Jeff

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Brian --

With all due respect, if you really believe that "we dump articles on bad knives, that's why all our reviews are good" line, then I have a bridge to sell you
That line is merely the excuse the magazine editors use to justify their lack of critical reviews. At least Bud Lang is upfront and honest about it -- advertisers pay the bills, so they can't dump on 'em too much. Believe me, every single magazine regularly publishes reviews on knives that have all kinds of things that can be critiqued or at least mentioned. Some magazines are better than others, and some writers are better than others, though. I haven't seen the latest Tactical Knives, maybe it's taking a turn for the better.

Maybe they heard about our upcomming, straightforward, no holds barred magazine and reviews. I did talk to Steven about our magazine, maybe this is the result of that conversation. Who knows.

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Mike, Did you say Magazine, as in BladeForums Magazine? Have I missed something. I know I don't visit every thread, but this sounds interesting. I'd be very happy to support BladeForums through the purchase of a magazine.

Daniel D.
I have been reading TK since issue 1 there first few issues were great. I have noticed in the past since they became more mainstream there articles are bascialy fluff.It is like reading a sales brochere for that praticular knife. I have acuttaly received some brochere for a couple a knives that were in TK and it was almost word for word.
Hopefuly TK has gotten a clue!
But, it makes for a cool sales brochure, right

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Gun Tests is BACK!!!!!!!

I got a subscription offer in the mail the other day. I try ant find their address or email for you. I missed them too

I finally got my hands on a copy of TK. Now, this is just me, but off hand, I can't sense any real change from their previous stance. The articles seem like the usual professional caliber that I've come to take for granted.

However, I can see how one could make a good case about how they seem to be more open to talk about their thoughts, even if it seems somewhat negative. Parts of the Carnivour and Cold Steel articles seem to indicate that.

But that's just me. Overall, I am impressed with TK as usual.