A G45 or a Woo?

Can someone send me a picture of the G-45? Besides the one on his site, it looks a little weird.
I thinks you should get the WOO because I think tantos rock. To judge better I would also like a better picture of the G-45 because the picture isn't very good.

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It's the one that's $95, but I get your point. But, it's different than everything out there, that's my point.
I recently acquired a G-45 and a Woo. Is life great or what? I asked Newt to double grind the Woo because I dislike chisel grinds. I like the way the G-45 carries. It is lighter, smaller and very slim. The G-45 is also somewhat more comfortable in my hand. I also like the Woo and have used it quite a bit around the house in a project I've been working on.

There is a good picture of a G-45 at HTTP://WWW.Closequarters.com. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to make the letters blue and underline them so you'll have to key them yourself.

The reason the G-45 looks peculiar is that it is made of scraps remaining from Woo production. Newt explained that after beaucoup Woo's were laser cut from a sheet of steel, the remaining "lacework" was the subject of his gaze. He noticed parts of the lacework looked like a knife. He said he would try to make use of these scraps by crafting a new knife model from them. At his side, upon his desk, was his Government Model 45 ACP. He named the knife the G-45.

I have placed the G-45 upside-down beside the Woo and sure enough, they fit like two spoons.

Wille Boy
Oh My God. I am smarter than I thought I was. The letters did come out blue and underlined. My head sure is getting bigger.
Id say, go with the Woo, and ask Newt to grind it traditionally for you.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Are you looking for a last ditch hideout piece or a utility rig? If the latter, go with the Woo and double grind if you want. Mine first Woo is on the way, paracord wrapped, and is ground chisel as I intend to use it not as a utility knife but rather as a last chance get out of dodge knife. The extra penetration quotient of the slimmer double grid may be offset by my rage/ terror enhanced slam with the knife. figure that I want the thing to stay in one piece if I use it to dispatch bad guys (Cougar, quit laughing at my hipocrasy here!)

Utility, either out to be fine, unless you want to be doing really delicat point work, in which case the G-45 will prove a better design.