A going away gift??

Dec 31, 1998
Now, the time has come to say goodbye to a close friend. He's getting out of the Army in August. He's trading in his uniform for a suit and tie.

What the heck do I get him for a knife?

I've looked at production and custom, from fixed to folding, and I end up with a headache.

For obvious reasons, the Spydie Military was nix'ed. So was a Sebenza. HHEEELLPP!!!

The reasons you nixed those was why? Price? If so give us a price point to help steer you in the right direction.

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A BM 9100 Auto. Stryker would be a pleasant surprise.
Affordable too. -AR

Another choice you might consider might be a Microtech Mini-SOCOM /A, /MA.

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What about a BF Native? Not one you will see clipped to many other pockets? Or the Starmate! One sweet blade shape!
Suit and tie, eh? How about a Benchmade Pardue 330, or maybe an 850. Both clipless, small, and super-classy. Or a Spydie Toad or Cricket as a money clip? Heck, there are more classy little Spyderco money-clip type knives than I can list!


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Mike (and all you guys),

I nixed the Military because of it's obvious relation to what he's leaving behind. The Sebenza (or Umfaan) was nixed for personal reasons (I couldn't bear buying one to give away, even to my best friend, honestly).

I've looked at some fixed blades from Dozier, Boyer, Nealy, and Rinaldi, to name a few in the concealed carry area.

If I go with the folder, I want to try to
stay away from the "tactical" arena. Such as Corduroy's suggestion of "super classy" and Cobalt's Calypso (smooth micarta right??)

As for an auto, no can do. Postal Regulations sorta frown on that.

The price ceiling would have to be at 200-250 max. Now do y'all see the nightmare I've created for myself????

So, PLEASE, help me here!!!

In that price range, and since he is going to be wearing a suit and tie, I'd take a look at the "William Henry" line of knives.

Gift giving is always difficult. First, you have to think from the point of view of the recipient. What would your friend like to receive?

But, this is a bit of a special gift since your friend is leaving the military, making a major transition in life. The gift is to celebrate that transition and commemorate your friendship as much as as a practical tool.

I'm going to assume that your friend is parting with the Army on good terms, that he has enjoyed his military service and that it's just time for him to move on to new opportunities. I'm also going to assume that you and your comrades are going to miss him but wish him well in his new pursuits. In this case, you have to ask if you're buying him the knife to use or as a keepsake. If it's as a keepsake, I'd suggest you get whatever your unit is being issued, have a custom maker in the area mirror polish the blade, fix it all up, etc., and mount it on a display with a nice engraved dedication, "To Sergeant Bob Smith from your comrades in Unit X, Best Wishes and keep fighting" something like that. Perhaps your unit has some motto or something that would be appropriate.

If it's a knife to use, such as the Pardue suggested, you should still, IMHO, make it special by having it engraved.

Get him the set of all three Spydy Calypsos: full size, micarta handles; Jr. micarta handles; and Jr. stainless steel handles. Get the handle on the Jr. stainless steel one engraved, and the blades on the other two knives etched. Then purchace a presentation case to mount the knives in. Should be under $300 too. Depends how much you care! (guilt trip)
just jokeing,man

The William Henry knives were the first ones I really started looking at, and am still undecided (I hate decisions like these)


Great idea, I was only thinking of his "corporate" image, not of a keepsake. Then Today, after I received the Jun 99 issue of K.I. from my wife, I found what just might be the perfect gift on page 34.

As for finding a local maker, I don't know of too many out here in Saudi. Sorry, I forgot to tell you guys that in the original post.


Are we a Calypso fanatic?? I'm looking for one knife, and you want me to give away THREE??? Gasp!! But, hey, I wouldn't mind being your friend!!!

The search goes on..........

Since you took a look at fixed blades, my recommendation is quite simple... get him a Spydie Moran with an EdgeWorks slip sheath. Chai seels them as a package. It's a classic that is sure to be appreciated.


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take a look at the boker orion these are very cool and classy looking knives
perfect for the suit and tie crowd

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