A Jet Edge or a Mini Stryker?

Jul 19, 1999
I have the chance to buy the SOG Jet Edge for around $60. But I have had my eye on a Mini Stryker for around $64. Does any one own either(or both) of these knives? I can't choose by myself
I have a mini-stryker and really like it. In general, it handles most cutting jobs, can be used as a back-up for self-defense and has a nice design. Get the non-serrated blade. Mine is partially serrated, and that doesn't leave much of a plain edge.

Even though the Stryker series is not my favorite in the Benchmade lineup, I would take it over the Jet-Edge any day. I am simply not impressed with any of the SOG folders I have seen, they are pale in comparison to the fixed blades that SOG offers. The only thing I dn't like about the Stryker series is the tanto blade; I think it is almost too modified, too much of a departure to classic tanto styling (and strange looking to my eyes because of this modification), but the handle and basic ergonomics of the knife are among the finest on any production folder in the price range you are looking at. Oh yeah, it should be mentioned that the modified tanto blade on the Stryker series does give it greater ease of use with daily applications (the only real advantage of the modified tanto bade, in my opinion, is this).


Robert Joseph Ansbro
Go with the Mini Stryker I have one and I love it. Is the mini stryker with a black blade or not. I have the one with black blade and serations and its great.
I just can't pass up the SOG deal i'm looking at their fixed blades now rather than a benchmade. Once i get enough money (after buying the SOG) i'll buy the mini stryker
I bought a SOG Recon and I'm less than impressed. Call John Greco and get two handmades for the price of one SOG.
I had both, and ended carrying the stryker more than the jetedge. Go with the BM.

Dark Nemesis

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)